Christmas "Wishlist"

Before I start this I would like to say I know I won't get anywhere near what I have on this "wishlist" for Christmas, if anything I would be happy if I just had one or two items from it.
This can also be used as inspiration for gift ideas to other people.

This might be very text heavy so you might want to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee

Basics/ Stocking Fillers

  • I don't think you can go wrong with a calendar and a mini diary- these are ideal as little stocking fillers, and the best thing is they come at a range of prices. I know we all have phones that have a calendar and note applications already installed but I have found that having notes written down by hand helps you remember them, also a great gift idea for a grandparent.
  • Carrying on in a similar fashion- nice Stationary is always good to have on hand, sometimes it is nice to send a handwritten letter to someone through the post rather than an email. and even if they aren't used they can look nice on a desk
  • This next item might sound strange, but a pair of good earphones or headphones depending on the preference of the recipient of the gift, They might not be of use straight away but there comes a point where we all have that mad panic of "my headphones have broken, I need some more" so why not make sure they have a back up, HMV sometimes has some on offer at 2 for £10 in a range of colours.

Standard Smellies 

  • Now this can be hard depending on your budget, if you know what the recipient likes then you could always guy the gift set version of it, as I mentioned in a recent post the One Direction Our Moment gift set is great for those who either like One Direction or they like sweet scents, it's not too expensive either. 
  • Without a doubt you will end up looking into bath products- it's inevitable really, so if you can withstand the smell of a Lush Store (I know some people find it overpowering) you could either chose a pre-made gift set- they have them all year round but I think they also bring out seasonal ones. These gift sets do cover a wide price range from £6+ if you can't decide on which to choose they also do gift cards :). 
  • Finally for the smellies section I would have to suggest candles, again you have to know what kind of scents the recipient likes, personally I prefer either sweet cookie, butterscotch smells or spicy cinnamon, pumpkin scents so if someone bought me a floral candle I wouldn't use it. While I think Yankee Candles are quite over priced some of them do really pack a punch when it comes to giving off a scent, so I would suggest either This or you could buy several miniature candles in different scents to make your own gift box. 

Make-up lover?

  • For the make-up lover I would have to suggest the most recent addition to the Urban Decay Naked line up... the Naked 3 palette, I was never that bothered about 1&2 but when I saw a picture of Naked 3 I knew I HAD to have it, it's not out until mid December so it could be a late christmas present as I imagine this will fly of the shelves or if you are lucky enough to pick it up a last minute present, it does retail at £37 but I do think this one is worth the money. 
  • One thing I love the idea of is a personalised make up gift set, you could choose items that you know the recipient would like such as : eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher, pop in a compact mirror and there you go. The best thing about this kind of gift is you get to really think about what colours would compliment each other so it really does have that personal touch to it.
  • This next suggestion is for the more creative make-up lover, the Karla Powell face charts, they come in two sizes A4- £13 or A5-£11 and can be purchased from 3 different websites at the moment.
  • Make-up guides are always appreciated as well, if you aren't sure where to start off I would suggest the Bobbi Brown Make-Up Manual, this does cost around £25 but the hype that surrounds this leads me to believe it would be worth it. 


  • Carrying on from the last bullet point I thought I would quickly delve into the idea of books, I would leave fiction unless you have a good idea of what genre/author the recipient enjoys, if they have mentioned a book that they are interested in then that is always an option.
  • So what kind of books would be good? Non-fiction on topics they are interested in, such as autobiographies of a celebrity they like, Beauty/Fashion if they are into that, Science fiction, art, poetry etc. 


  • DVD's and CD's are pretty much a staple when it comes to gifts.
  • Concert tickets, I know this one is pretty expensive so I would save this for a loved one, typically concert tickets are released at least 6 months early- sometimes even earlier so if you notice a band that your loved one really likes is on tour next year, giving them the chance to go see them live can actually be one of the best presents- plus by the time the concert finally comes round it feels like christmas all over again then adding the memories from the concert on top. I do think this is one idea that would be well worth the money. 
As I said at the beginning of this post, this does seem like a lot to have on a wish list but I honestly don't expect to get even half of what is on here but hopefully this can be used as inspiration for other people who are stuck for what to buy people. 
I would advise to shop around because if you are lucky you might be able to pick up some bargains on your way. 

If you made it to the end thank you for reading :D