DIY: Lipstick palette

I have quite a lipstick collection- not as large as some by any means but with minimal storage mine is too big at the moment.
Below is part of my collection- I think I have a fair few missing at the moment :(
As you can see, I don't have enough room to fit all of my lipsticks in there and to be honest I am getting fed up of finding them in random locations around my room, so I decided it was time to do a little bit of DIY.
It's very straight forward really.
Equipment needed:
  • Container with compartments for your lipsticks.
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Lighter,
  • Candle
  • lots of tissues
  • knife
  • spoon
  • sticker lables.
  • your lipsticks of choice
once you have your equipment (if you are 16 or under you might want to check with your parents to make sure they are ok with you using a lighter) it really is simple.
  • light your candle
  • take your lipstick of choice and cut the lipstick off the bullet- you can either do this all in one go or do it in halves.
  • place the lipstick onto your spoon
  • place the spoon over the candle flame,
  • the lipstick will start to melt, if it looks to be taking a while take a cocktail stick and move the lipstick around the spoon- this helps to speed the process up.
  • Once the lipstick has melted pour it into a compartment in your container.
  • You might think you have got as much lipstick out as possible- this isn't true, take a cocktail stick and push that down into the lipstick left in the tube (you would be surprised at how much there is left) dig that out using the cocktail stick and repeat the steps again.
  • If you are doing this to multiple lipsticks in one sitting make sure to clean your spoon when you have finished with one lipstick- and use new cocktail sticks as well.
  • It is good to put labels on the base or lid of the container so you can write which colours are in each compartment,
You might be wondering why I have so many empty spaces- there is a reason behind this,  I decided to melt down my MUA lipsticks for this palette so the empty spaces are for lipsticks I haven't yet bought- hey it gives me a reason to go out and buy more :D
Once melted down the lipsticks don't really fill up the compartments at all, so if you were wanting them to be completely full you would have to buy each colour multiple times (for £1 each this isn't a bad idea really), or you could get a container that isn't as deep as the one I have used.
Personally I think these DIY palettes are really good if you want to start getting into doing freelance makeup or something- you have a range of colours with you and you don't have to carry around numerous lipstick tubes, or worry about where you put a lid.
Hope you found this post useful. Would you be tempted to do a DIY palette or do you prefer sticking to the tubes?