One Direction: Our Moment Gift set

On the 9th of November I posted a review on the One Direction perfume and at the end of the post I mentioned I had purchased the gift set so I thought "why not do a post about that?"

I won't get into the perfume itself, but if you want to you can check out my review here.

As I said I decided to go for the 50ml option which normally retails for around £28.

The packaging is the same as the perfume bottles, just spread out over a larger surface area, I have to be honest there is a lot of wasted space on there and I do think a group shot would have been a better option for the gift sets. Aside from that bugbear it is nice.

When you open the box you are greeted with a pink interior, personally I think this is a nice touch as quite often you can find that the inside is just white almost like no thought has gone into it. 
The gift sets contain a little thank you note from the band, the perfume bottle in which ever size you chose and a 150ml tube of body lotion.

I like the fact that this comes with a body lotion rather than the shower gel, I think people would get more use out of the lotion, and it's a brilliant way to layer up the scent so it lasts longer.

It would have been nice if a mini travel size roll on bottle was also included in the gift set for practical purposes but considering the price you really can't go wrong for what you do get.

This is definitely the perfect gift for One Direction fans, or even if you are a fan of the scent :).