Concert OOTN

As someone who has been to a fair few concerts I would say I am able to put together a cute yet comfortable outfit.

You can always point out those people who don't attend many concerts at all- dressed up to the nines, stiletto heels- not really appropriate if you are going to be on your feet in a confined area, fine for a night at the opera/ballet if that's your thing or a night out clubbing where you have more room to move.

Last night I got the chance to see probably my all time favourite boyband, when I was younger I was in love with "Boyzone" and I have always said that if I ever had the chance to see them live then I would HAVE to go, as luck would have it my mums friends sister in law just so happened to have a spare ticket, so of course I had to find a way to get the ticket- my mum agreed that I could have it as my christmas present and believe me I was more than happy about that.

Because I had been working before the show I decided to take most of my clothes with me and just buy a new top because I couldn't find something warm enough for waiting outside but cool enough for indoors.

It took a while to find what I wanted but after being persuaded to get pink because I "wear far too much black" I ended up with the following outfit.
Leather Jacket- no longer available but £29.99 Internacionale 
Pink laced collar jumper- £12 Primark (this actually reminds me of something that Zoella might wear)
Black Shiny high-waisted leggings- £14.99 Internacionale 
Pink frilly ankle socks- £1.50 Primark 
Jeffrey Campbell coltrane inspired cut out shoes *Brody* style- £29.99 Garage Shoes 

I won't go into too much detail about the concert, but all I can say is I have been waiting for this moment for so long, I don't think I will be forgetting about it any time soon. 
To top it off the seats were 5 rows from the front so I had an amazing view.