Mini Yankee Candle Haul

It is no secret that I like candles, normally I tend to buy inexpensive ones because I do find Yankee Candle pretty overpriced to be honest, but occasionally I will pick up a couple of the sample size ones, for me this is ideal, it means I get to test out a few different ones to find out what I actually like before committing and buying a larger one- Side note, these small sample sizes are ideal for presents as you can make your own little set for a friend.

Since I have been running low on candles lately I decided to nip intp Clintons to pick up a few yesterday.
In hindsight I probably should have gone in earlier to get some as there didn't seem to be much of a selection left to choose from, luckily I did manage to find 4 that I thought I might like.

First I chose Strawberry Buttercream, this is in the normal line so it should be available all year round. As this wasn't a festive season candle this was still full price at £1.80

Second I chose Merry Marshmallow, I believe this is a seasonal candle as it came up at £1.35 as opposed to £1.80

Third I chose another seasonal candle: Christmas Memories, first off the colour attracted me to this and then when I saw the little picture I just knew I had to have it, for me this will be ideal for a cold night snuggled up with a hot chocolate. This also came up at £1.35

And finally the last candle I chose was Snowflake Cookie, I had originally bought this for a friend for Christmas after a girl had told me how good it was- apparently the scent is more apparent really nice when burning. After giving it to my friend I decided that if there were any left I would try it out for myself, luckily I managed to find one. As with the previous seasonal candles this was also £1.35

I will always say I wish Yankee Candles weren't so overpriced but if you are able to buy a few samples you can work out what you like and then make a note of them then treat yourself every now and then, or you could even suggest one as a present if someone doesn't know what to buy you. 

Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions of other candles to try out then please leave them in the comments below. 
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.