25 Facts About Me TAG!

I am borrowing this from the Lovely Emma  who found this TAG :) check her out she is just the sweetest. 
1. Are you named after anyone? Hmm not that I know of, I know my middle name is kind of inspired by my aunties though
2. When was the last time you cried? oh erm, I can't actually remember.
3. Do you have kids? No, not yet, some day hopefully 
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I don't know, I mean I am a good friend to people, I always put my friends first, but I don't know if I would like other aspects of me if I were someone else. 
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? sometimes far too much but it is only really with people who know me
6. Will you ever bungee-jump? not in a million years
7. What’s your favorite cereal? I don't really eat cereal to be honest, I do like Granola though
8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Hmm if we are talking looks wise then eyes usually, in general though it has to be manners, I don't like rude people
9. What is your eye colour? Blue
10. Scary movie or happy endings? It really depends on my mood, lately I have been more into romcoms and stuff.
12. Summer or winter? Summer for long days and walks- great for taking pictures, but Winter for cosy evenings in comfy PJs and a hot chocolate 
13. Computer or television? Computer all the way
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Lanzarote a fair few years ago now
15. Do you have any special talents? not that I know of :( I will have to find out now though 
16. Where were you born? England.
17. What are your hobbies? reading, blogging, trying out new make up looks, reading beauty blogs, watching beauty vlogs/vlogs in general, photography
18. Do you have any pets? Nope, not for a long time
19. Favorite movie? I honestly can't choose 
20. Do you have any siblings? 2, older  brother and younger sister 
21. What do you want to be when you grow up? I have no idea and that is pretty scary now as I am 25 and I still don't have my life on track, I would love to do something in the beauty industry though, whether that is doing a course to be a make up artist or being a full time beauty blogger, that would be so amazing
22. Your favourite Drink? Chai Latte, or peppermint tea
23. Favourite Colour? At the moment maybe bright pink in moderation, and I know it's not a colour but black. I also have a serious thing for rose gold at the moment
24. Favourite Food? I am SO boring with food, I like pasta and fruit, sometimes I really crave pizza and cheesecake. 
25: One Item of makeup you cant live without. that would have to be eyeliner, my eyes look so lifeless without it, also it can double up and I can use it to colour my lashes to give them some definition as well. 

Hope you liked reading that and finding out a few facts about me