A two item haul?

Now I'm not normally one to do hauls that only contain two items but there was one item that I HAD to do a quick post about so I figured I would just feature both.

My intention after work was just to go into Bravissimo to have a look at new bras, in the end I only got one, unfortunately living on a low income means buying new lingerie doesn't occur as often as I would like it to.

After trying on a few different styles and colours I finally chose one:
I am absolutely in love with the lace detailing along the top of the cup, I just wish that bras weren't so expensive. 

And finally, the reason I had to do this post in the first place, I have been lusting after this since it was released in America, unfortunately by the time it came out over here I had Christmas to get out of the way so I couldn't exactly buy it for myself and not buy presents could I?
I nipped into Debenhams before going into Bravissimo and FINALLY after a month of waiting for it, the Urban Decay stand had a full display of the Naked Palettes. 

Now I was never that phased about the first two, don't get me wrong I do like them but there is something about this one that calls to me and I would actually willingly pay out the £37 for it where as with the other two I debated about it for quite some time, then eventually MUA brought out their Undressed and Undress me too palettes. 
Do I hope MUA release a dupe for this? Kind of yes, I mean it would be good to be able to pick it up at a more affordable price, but every so often it is nice to own something high end. 
I can't speak for the other two palettes but the Naked 3 also comes with samples of 4 of the eye primers.

I haven't swatched it yet as the lighting is quite atrocious right now, so that will be done over the weekend. 

Thank you for reading.