DIY: New Candles out of old.

Am I the only person who doesn't like to waste that wax left over at the bottom of a finished candle?
I hope not because let's be real here, there is often quite a lot of wax left over.
I started saving the wax from all of my candles until I had enough to be able to reuse it.

This DIY is pretty cheap to do if you already have the wax, the only thing I had to buy was some Wick, I got the "Yaley medium bleached 6ft wick" from Hobbycraft for £2.25 but I'm sure any craft store would sell some kind of wick.

For this you will need:
Clips (to hold the wick, these were reused from old tea light candles)
Mould of some form for the candle
Rubbing Alcohol to make sure the mould is clean
Cotton pads/Tissue to clean.
small tool to press open the Wick clip
Glass Jug (Microwave safe)
Double sided tape
Pliers (not pictured)
And finally Wick
Disney Princess cake- optional

So that looks like a huuuge list, It never seems like much when it is out in front of you.

Now onto the actual DIY

  • Start off by cleaning the glass jug and candle jar with the rubbing alcohol, making sure to remove any dust or residue. 
  • cut off a length of your wick (needs to be long enough to over hang the mould a little bit), make sure the wick clip is clean and open. 
  • feed the wick through the clip, using your pliers close the wick clip, this secures the wick in place.
  • add a small square of double sided tape to the bottom of your clip, then place this in your glass jar, this anchors the wick down 
  • while you are doing this you can already have your wax in your glass jug in the microwave- it's best to do this in 30second bursts and then stir to melt the wax, add in your essence at this point. 
  • As this is melting you need to anchor your wick at the top of the jar as well, to do this you take a pencil or similar object, wrap the wick around until it is pulled tight then put a bit of tape over to stop it from unravelling. 
  • Once your wax is fully melted pour it into your chosen jar/mould. 
  • As you are waiting for it to set, clean out your glass jug and if you want you can repeat the process over again until you are either bored or you have used up all your wax.

Yes it is a very time consuming project, but it's a good way of using up wax, it could also make for an interesting present idea. 
You can either leave the jar plain or add little details, with one of my vanilla candles I added some light yellow twine around the rim as it matched the d├ęcor in my mums room.

You know those times where your internet just cuts out and you are left with that horrible thought of "oh my god what am I going to do?" this would be a good way to pass that time 

Thank you for reading. 

If you try this, let me know how it turned out.