Product Review: Batiste Dry Conditioner: Smoothing Conditioning Mist

I won't lie, dry shampoo is pretty much a staple for me, not only is it great for those days in between washes and you just want to freshen up your roots, it's actually pretty good for styling as well in my opinion, no it's not going to hold a style like hair spray, but if you have the same problem I do with freshly washed hair- that it is just TOO soft and it is lacking texture to be able to actually do anything with, it really is fantastic at adding that little bit of texture without making your hair feel weighed down or hard.

After using dry shampoo for years I can definitely say I was one of those people thinking "well why isn't there such thing as dry conditioner?" so naturally when I did hear about how it was soon to be a "thing" I was pretty intrigued. I have to say, despite being intrigued about this I'm not sure when this product was actually released, I know I haven't seen it in stores before now.

Because I colour my hair quite a lot (there may be a post about this in the near future if anyone is interested) my hair is of course dry so I have tried a few different leave in conditioners but none have seemed to work (aside from the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask), This on the other hand, actually leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished- which is pretty impressive due to the extent I colour my hair- that could be down to the Argan oil in the formula.

a 200ml can costs £3.99, I hope they release a more travel friendly sized can soon because while I know this is something I will definitely repurchase a smaller size would be nice :)

I have seen other blogs commenting on the scent, personally this is something I haven't noticed, but that could be a good sign as normally if something has an unpleasant scent I will notice it straight away.