Product Review: Loreal Micellar Solution

Last year on my old blog I did a review on this product and I really enjoyed it, unfortunately just recently I have been having a few bad runs with it.

Don't get me wrong here it is a brilliant cleanser, this stuff takes off even my most stubborn mascara so in that respect I love it, it's perfect for those lazy nights when you don't want to leave your bed but you need to take your make up off. 
Unfortunately though the last few times I have used it, my eyes don't agree with it, or my eyeballs to be exact, sounds strange but for some reason whenever I have used this my eyeball has started to get "puffy" so to speak, the first time it happened I wasn't sure what had caused it so I stopped using this as I know it had been making my eyes somewhat dry, then when I tried it again last night I could feel my eye puffing up, luckily it has gone down now, I'm not sure if any of the solution had seeped into my eye and that had caused it or if it was just a "bad batch" but I know I would rather not risk it happening again. 
Despite it being a brilliant cleanser (I have gone through numerous bottles of this since it came out) I don't want to risk damaging my eyes so this is going to have to be disposed of and I can't see myself repurchasing it again.

Has anyone else had problems like this?