Sunday OoTD

Unfortunately this isn't going to be a proper "weekend look book" as I didn't manage to get a picture of my outfit on Saturday- you know those days where you literally don't even have a spare 5 minutes, yeah that was my Saturday.

I did manage to get a quick snap of yesterdays outfit though.

Yesterdays outfit had a very relaxed vibe to it as I was only going into town to meet my dad.
I decided to go for a baggy printed Jumper- £12, Primark
Short skirt- £4.99 (I think), Internacionale
Trusty old Primark tights so £3 for a pack
Pink Ankle socks- £1.50, Primark
and Fluffy platform shoes around £24.99, Internacionale

I finished this look with my £18 Primark denim jacket.

Ideally I would have worn different shoes but the ones I would wear are still waiting to go to the Cobblers to be repaired.

Thank you for reading.