5SOS Signing OOtD

This afternoon I was lucky enough to go to the 5SOS signing at the HMV store in Leeds.
If you don't know who 5SOS are then for a quick rundown they are 4 guys from Australia, they started off posting videos on Youtube, One Direction found out about them (I believe it was mainly Louis) 5SOS supported One Direction on their Take Me Home tour last year, after doing a lot of writing and recording they released their "debut" single She Looks so Perfect on Sunday 23rd March. So now my only suggestion now is to go find them on youtube and have a listen to their music and see what you think of them.

Ok so now we have that covered, they are using this week to do 5 signings in the UK and Leeds was one of the locations so naturally I had to try and get a ticket, unfortunately there were only 600 places available for each signing and I know there were a lot of fans who missed out, so when I said I was lucky I actually was.

Now onto the main topic of this post, my outfit:

I will get this out of the way here, everything other than my converse is from Primark
Denim Jacket- £18 
Rolling Stones Tee- £8, this is actually quite long so I tied it at the back to pull it up 
Black denim jeans- £7, these are the same jeans as the other black skinny jeans but I decided to go get a size smaller 
Converse-£25, Schuh 

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures as we didn't have a lot of time, but I managed to snap a few while I was in line, if you want to see them then do check out my Instagram

I am incredibly happy that I got to go to the signing and while some people might complain about the lack of time at least we had that chance to see them and that is better than nothing. 

Thank you for reading

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