Hair Care

It is no secret that I like to colour my hair, but one thing a lot of people have been asking me lately is "but how do you get the colour out without damaging your hair?"
Well here is the answer.

To strip the colour out of my hair I have been using "Washing out liquid" by Bleach London, this does make your hair very dry as soon as you use it, on the bottle it does recommend that you follow it up with their Reincarnation mask. 
Typically I leave the washing out liquid on for around 5-10 minutes so it gives the product chance to work into the hair and break down the colour pigment. 
After I have washed this out I follow it up with the TRESemme Colour Vibrance Protection Conditioner focussing it on the ends of my hair, I leave this on for another 5 minutes before I rinse it out. 
The last step is applying the Bleach London Reincarnation mask, I leave this on for 10 minutes to really give it chance to sink into my hair before rinsing it out. 
After this is done I wrap my hair in a towel and towel dry it, after it is towel dried I let it dry naturally over night. 
Because I do bleach my hair I try to do very little heat styling to my hair, I occasionally use a hair dryer if it is still quite damp by the morning- nobody wants to be going off to work with still damp hair, but as for straightening or curling- well I do these very rarely, I tend to put my hair in fishtail braids if I want my hair wavy. 

So there you have it, that is how I have been stripping the colour out of my hair without re-bleaching my hair, although I do need to get my roots done soon- they are looking pretty bad lately. 

Bleach London Washing out Liquid- £5, Boots
Bleach London Reincarnation Mask- £6 for 200ml, Boots
TRESemme Colour Vibrance Protection- £4.99 Wilkinsons 

Thank you for reading
Hope you found this post useful