Weekend Look Book Vol 9

Ok I was a bad blogger yesterday and I never got round to posting my weekend look book, so here it is a day late.

Not the greatest picture to be honest as you can't really see any of my outfit but here goes anyway. 
Black faux leather jacket: £25 Primark, this is from last year but they do have similar in white and pink. 
Black Dress as featured in THIS post: £10 Primark. 
Black tights with Cat silhouettes: unsure of price but they were from Primark
Pink ankle socks: £1.50 Primark
Cut out Ankle Boots as featured in THIS post:  £24.99 Garage Shoes
Black bag from THIS haul. 

ahh such a lovely setting, just taking a casual selfie while walking round "Country Baskets" 
Denim Jacket: £18 Primark
Oversized Blondie Jumper: £12 Primark
Black Mini skirt: Price unknown Internacionale 
Tights: Price unknown, Primark
Cut out ankle boots: as above
Black bag: £9 Primark 

Yes I do get a lot of my clothes from Primark, personally I don't have a problem shopping there, if you have chance to look around you can sometimes find some quite nice pieces. 

Hope you liked this, sorry it was a day late :\

Thank you for reading.