Beauty Haul

If you remember in my Glossy Box post I mentioned that I had to spend over £50 in order to get it.
Well here is the haul to go along with the Glossy Box.

There are some items that haven't made it into the haul as they were just little bits and pieces- also apparently food and drink prices were also included :)

Indeed Labs sample set of 3: on offer at £8.65 Boots (Normally £12.99)
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer: on offer at £3.99 Boots (Normally £4.19, I did get two of these as my sister needed one)
One Direction That Moment Perfume: £18.00 The Perfume Shop (Normally £19.99 for 30ml but I got 10% off)
Matte Effect Top Coat: £1.00 Primark
Gel Effect Top Coat: £1.00 Primark

I also picked up a dress for my sister at £10, some eyeliner for around £4.00 and a few pairs of tights. 

Believe me I did manage to spend over £60, although I keep looking at everything and thinking "HOW?" 

I am looking forward to trying out the perfume, I already love "Our Moment"- I am on my third bottle of it so I hope this is just as nice.

I am also intrigued by the top coats I picked up so I will be trying them out soon- with reviews to follow :). 

Thank you for reading. 

Hope you have liked this post.