Glossy Box March 2014

Before I start this post I need to apologise for not posting last weekend, I did have my outfit post planned but unfortunately I never got round to actually writing and uploading it, so this weekend there will be two outfit posts. 

Now moving on, I know you will be looking at the title of this and thinking "why are you doing a post on an old box?" well let me tell you, last night in Leeds there was an event on at the Trinity Centre in association with Radio Aire and Glamour Magazine. So what does Glossy Box have to do with this? Well there were "treats" you could get if you spent certain amounts
£10> entitled you to a Pick 'n' Mix
£20> alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail
£50>Lindt Chocolates and a Beauty bag
£100> £10 Trinity Leeds gift card

I will be honest the only one I thought worth the prize would be the beauty bag- this was before I knew it was a Glossy Box, I mean you could go get yourself a Pick 'n' Mix from anywhere and it would be cheaper than having to pay £10 to get it free, cocktails would possibly also cost less and the gift card would just mean you go spend even more money- although from what I have heard a lot of those gift cards were redeemed. 

I actually spent just over £60 in total (there will be a haul on what I bought coming later, although all items won't be featured as some were for my sister) 

So onto the box, we all know what they look like but it's nice to see how they come packaged in person 
Now I have heard mixed reviews on Glossy Box, sometimes you can have amazing boxes sometimes not so great so I was hoping this would be a good one- after all I spent over £60 just to get this so really my question was "is it going to be worth the £50 you have to pay in order to get it?"

The contents of my box
Sleek Pout Polish (Full Size)- £4.49
Mitchell and Peach Body Cream (40ml sample)- £8.00
Dove Intensive Repair 60 second Treatment shot- £1.49
BellaPierre Mineral Shimmer Powder (full size)- £12.99
Helenere MaĆ®trise du Temps Serum (10ml)- £31.00
As soon as I saw that little blue box I knew it was worth it- I have watched enough unboxing videos to know it was a good one. 
According to the Glossy Box website alternatives were Juicy Couture perfume Samples or tanning lotion so I am more than happy with the box I got as it is worth £57.97. 
I can't imagine anyone going away with a bad box last night, I mean why pay £50 to get a box with products worth less than that?

I am still debating about joining up for Glossy Box, I have been tempted to in the past, but only time will tell. For now I am going to give these items a test to see how I get on with them. 

I would like to apologise for the pictures not being so clear, I will be taking some updated pictures ASAP when I am at home during actual daylight. So this post will be edited to include them this week. 

If anyone went to the event last night and got the beauty box what did you get in yours? would you sign up to Glossy Box?

Anyone who is already signed up would you recommend it?

Hope you liked this post. 

Thank you for reading.