Nail Varnish Collection Part 2: Barry M Nail Paints

In March I posted my Sinful Colors nail varnish collection and I planned on following it up with a few other collections.
And I have finally got round to doing the second part in this little "series"

Without any rambling let's jump right on in. 

66 Matt White
150 Red Glitter
293 Grey 
299 Racing Green (Fun fact- this was the first Barry M nail paint I purchased)
304 Mint Green

306 Blueberry Ice Cream
318 Peach Melba (Fun Fact- I decided to get this because of many Youtubers, one being Kayley Hyde- Owlssayhoot)
324 Silvery Lilac
353 Ruby Glitter

Crackle Effect 311 Black Magic
Summer 2013 Limited Edition Flamingo Pink (Not so fun fact, when I got this I had hoped it would be similar to the crackle effect but sadly not, BUT it is a very nice nail paint) 
Croc Effect 343 Burgundy Croc

Gelly Hi-Shine Pomegranate 
Gelly Hi-Shine Prickly Pear
Gelly Hi-Shine Watermelon
Gelly Hi-Shine Sugar Apple
Aquarium Collection Mediterranean 

All normal Nail Paints retail for £2.99, any effects, Gelly Hi-Shine or Limited Edition Nail Paints retail at £3.99 

One last fun fact to finish off this post, I was trying to write this whilst I was listening to sprinkleofglitters newest haul, it didn't work out very well as I kept on being distracted. 
Oh well got there in the end :) 

Would you recommend any other Barry M nail paints to try? 

Thank you for reading.