OOtD and afternoon out at Birkin Fisheries Tea Room

Finally we had some good weather yesterday, I know we have had some good days throughout the week but I had yesterday off work so I finally had the chance to take advantage of the sun- I might not sunbathe but I do enjoy the sun.

I managed to persuade my mum to take me to a little tea room she found a while back- I say persuade it didn't take very much persuading for her to want to go- now my mum is someone who LOVES the sun so if she can be out in it she will be, with the correct protection of course.

Birkin is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, between Selby and Knottingly (Yorkshire) so it is fantastic if you just want to go relax  for a couple of hours.
I am sure my phone signal has improved since the last time I was there, I used to find it hard to access the internet but now I can hop straight onto instagram and post pictures if I wanted to.

So without any more rambling let's get onto my outfit, then I can share pictures of the Tea Room :)

Mesh Sleeved top- £6, Primark
Black Mini Skirt- same from previous posts
Denim Jacket- £18, Primark 
Bag, dupe of the Zara office city bag- £12, Primark
White Ankle socks- £1.50, Primark
Cut out Ankle boots, same from previous posts. 
Flower band- Price unknown, Primark

It is well worth checking out if you are in the area, especially if the weather is anything like it was yesterday. 
For interior shots of the Tea Room check out their website here

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend :).