Weekend Look Book Vol 12

Yes it's time again, so lets just jump right on in.

Blue sweatshirt with Cross print and studded shoulders: Primark, last year- price unknown 
Tartan Collared shirt (worn underneath sweatshirt): Primark, last year, probably £6
Black Mini Skirt: Internacionale Price unknown 
Black Tights: Primark, probably £2 for a pack 
Denim Jacket: Primark £18
Black bag- dupe of the Zara Office City Bag: Primark £12
Black Ankle Boots: Peacocks- a fair few years ago roughly £5

Black Skater Dress: Internacionale around £12.99 
Denim Jacket: As above
Crown print tights: Primark £1 on sale (which have unfortunately been laddered so I will have to see about getting some more) 
Black Boots: As above 
Black bag: As above
Dog: belongs to my Grandma although I do keep saying I want to bring her home with me

Just for a better look at the Dog I will add another picture of her. 
I would have loved to get more pictures with her but she kept hiding behind me, as soon as I had the camera and I was in front of her then she was fine, so typical. 

Hope you have had a great weekend :)

Thank you for reading 



  1. Hi!, I loved your sweatshirt with Cross, and denim is always a good choice for my taste, lovely pics with puppy :), I invite you for follow each others from Google friends connect, if you are agree just follow me and I follow back inmediately...greetings!


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