Everyday Make up Products

After this week has been lacking in blog posts (because I didn't manage to get my Weekend look book up) I thought I would share my everyday make up products.
Be warned it does look and sound like I use a lot of make up.

I start off using the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer- I am still deciding what I think of this, it's not bad but I don't think it's my favourite- personally I haven't really noticed much difference other than my make up staying on longer
I follow up with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in light porcelain (my foundation does change  depending on how my skin is looking, lately I have been reaching for this)
Before I do my eyeshadow I pencil in my eyebrows using the Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil in Hazel- I then go over this with "Chino" from the MUA Ever After Matte Palette and set them in place using the Collection Clear Mascara (which now looks rather unappealing, I'm sure you can tell which one it is)
Brows out of the way I move on to my eyes and prime my lids with the MUA professional eye primer
When it comes to eyeshadow it really depends on what kind of look I want to go for but more often than not I will be using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 
For Eyeliner I use the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl liner on my waterline and the Seventeen High Drama Liquid Liner on my top lash line
I use two different mascaras, on my top lashes I use the Loreal Miss Manga mascara and on my bottom lashes I use the Maybelline Big Eyes bottom lash mascara
The concealer I use is Collection Lasting Perfection in the lightest shade
To set my face I use the Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder 
When I contour I use either Fade or Chino from the MUA Ever After Matte Palette 
And finally for Blush I use Rose Gold by Sleek

I do want to try and cut down on some of my products, mainly my eyebrows but I am struggling to find something that works for them. 

If you have any suggestions for affordable brow product suitable for those of us with fair hair please do leave them in the comments below.

If you made it to the end of this then I applaud you as that list does seem quite long- in fact I broke off to go make a cup of tea whilst I wrote this post. 

Thank you for reading. 



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