Fashion Haul

This weekend has been quite quiet on the blogpost front, for once I have actually been pretty busy.
On Saturday I met up with my Dad for the first time since my Birthday (in January) and he got me a belated birthday present.
So I thought I would share what he bought me.

At first there was just a lot of walking around different stores seeing what they had in, now I'm not sure if it was just the store I went into but River Island REALLY lacked any selection and normally I am used to seeing people walk around town with huge River Island bags so I thought surely there would be something there, nope not at all.
After stopping for a bit of lunch and a much needed chat we decided to have another look round.
In the end I came away with:

Black Canvas Ankle Boots: £19.99 New Look 

Epic Weekend Crop Top: £3.99 H&M

Random Draping Black Material: £12.99 H&M

See below for pictures of items being worn 

Ankle Boots

Epic Weekend Crop Top 

Ahhh yes the black draping material is in fact a play suit, because this does show off my bra at the side I will most likely wear something over the top of this just to cover that up #bigboobproblems

I had actually seen the play suit on the H&M website on the Saturday morning, I even posted on my facebook wall about wanting it so I am glad I could find it and that it looked ok on. 

The shoes are a little bit too big for me, but they were the last pair and I had been eyeing them up the week before when I went in with my mum so I just HAD to get them. 

What have been your recent purchases? 

Thank you for reading.