Product Review: MAC Lipstick "Oh, Oh, Oh"

Have you ever been unsure about buying a product but you did anyway and then it turned out to be a damn good idea? 
Well that happened to me last week, remember my York Designer Outlet Haul?

I had been debating about getting the MAC lipstick "Oh, Oh, Oh" for about an hour before I finally caved and went back for it- I did have to ask my mum if she thought I would actually wear it or not though. 
Before I get on to my review I will refresh your memory.

This is honestly the hardest lipstick I have ever photographed simply because it looks different in different lights, this is the closest likeness to what you see in person though. 

Without any editing
Edited with "Auto-fix" 

As you can see "Oh, Oh, Oh" is a very sheer but build-able colour (I am putting this down to it being a Lustre finish), one thing that does intrigue me about this lipstick though, is that when I swatched it in store it looked more purple- not that I am complaining with this colour.

As it turns out there was no need in my debating, I have worn it literally every single day since I got it. 

Now it's time for the mandatory "Lip shot" 

Bare lips.

2 coats of Oh Oh Oh

I will admit that it is quite drying on the lips so I do apply a lip balm before I use this lipstick, but I have found it to be a perfect every day lip colour that if you catch it in certain lights it has a slightly different tone to it. 

On my lips it looks slightly coppery with a purple hue every now and then. 
I am going to continue playing around with this as I have a feeling it would look interesting over the top of another lipstick. 

While it is quite drying it does still have quite good longevity as it almost stains the lips so you could just apply a balm over that. 

I can 100% say that I am glad I went back for it and I may be tempted to look into other MAC lipsticks in the future. 

Thank you for reading. 



  1. This is such a pretty shade I love it and the packaging!! xx
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    1. I love how it's suck a unique colour :D It's definitely worth picking up if you ever come across it xx


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