Christkindlmarkt OotN: White oversized winter coat

So if you saw my last post you will know I went to the Leeds Christkindlmarkt recently so I thought I would upload a quick Outfit of the Night Post.
And I may have wanted to show off my new coat a little bit.

Normally I don't really wear "winter coats" I have had a couple over the past 3 years or so but due to a lot of weight loss these jackets are now far too big- not that I am complaining. Typically I just wear a normal jacket I would usually wear and add an extra layer or so underneath.

But at 25 years old (well actually I am 26 soon) I thought it was time I got a "grown up" winter coat, I just had to find one I liked and one that suited me.

When I buy jackets I tend to stick to Black as it is just easier to wear- it goes with literally anything, so this one is SO different to that, it's nowhere near the same shade.

Ok so how many people are getting bored and want to see the coat?

I told you- drastically different to my usual type. 
Now I will be honest here, it's not very thick so you will still have to wear something warm underneath but if you live somewhere cold then chances are you will be anyway. 
It is an oversized coat- the one I am wearing is an 8 but I could have easily got a 6 if it had been in stock. 
Outfit Details: 
Basic Black tee- £4.00 Primark 
Black Skinny jeans- £7.00 Primark (I added the rips myself)
Ankle Boots- I think £19.99 New Look 
White Coat- £25.00 Primark

Yes you did see that correctly, Primark, now I have seen a few Bloggers/Vloggers wearing coats from Primark (IntheFrow has worn some beautiful ones and she looks amazing in them) so I know they have had some nice coats out recently but nothing has taken my eye quite like this one. 
It now comes in a duck egg blue which I was tempted to get but I thought I would get more use out of the white one. 
When I originally saw it I did think I would like it in black but now I am glad I went for the white instead. 
It's definitely one I am going to save for when I want to make an effort and look nice- I know white isn't really the most practical colour but I fell in love with it a little bit and for £25.00 I just had to have it. 

I do think that if this had been released earlier in the season it could have been "THE" coat to get but now I assume most people will already have one. 

If you managed to make it to the end of this then I applaud you :) 

What is your winter must have fashion item this year? 

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this.