Leeds Christkindlmarkt 2014

Yesterday afternoon I decided to join some friends from work and go to what is more commonly known as "The German Market" now I don't go that often- mostly due to a lack of space, but I felt the urge for an evening out so I decided to look past that issue and try to enjoy my evening.

I didn't manage to take many pictures because it was honestly so busy but I managed a few of me and my friends, so I thought I would share what I do have.

Please excuse the look on my face, I was trying to not laugh at my other friend attempting to photobomb the picture. This is my friend Alex and myself before we drank our Cherry mead- which I am so tempted to go back and buy a bottle because my god it was lovely. 

After enjoying the mead we moved on to the carousel because my other friend wanted to go on it- and I'm not one to say no to the carousel (it's pretty much the only ride I will go on actually) 
As you can see from the top picture I do enjoy being quite dramatic at times, then again at 25 people expect me to not want to go on "childrens" rides but it's all in good fun right? 

And finally a group selfie (I really could do with a selfie stick- I might have to make that one of my next purchases) 

All in all I had a good evening, but I do wish there was more room to walk around, I found my self repeatedly saying "sorry, sorry, I'm Sorry, Excuse me, Sorry" The event has grown so much I think LCC need to think about ways to improve on it now- it almost reminds me of SitC, but at least the guys behind that work on it each year in order to create a fun and safe environment

I am thinking of heading back at some point when the hype has died down as I would probably be able to get some really good pictures- and maybe some more of that Cherry mead.

If you have attended any of these "German Market" type things which would you recommend as I believe Birmingham have one as well. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this post