16 Real problems women with big boobs face

Now I know I'm not going to be the only woman out there who has these problems, big boobs are a nightmare, we all know it, sure some days I love them and think they are amazing but then there are days where I think "fucking hell you are doing my head in right now" so I thought I would compile I list of problems/comments I have faced because of them.

  1. Bra shopping is a nightmare, especially if you have a back size of around 28-32 and are over a D cup, it's going to be hard, no cheap and cheerful Primark bra's for us, nope I have to go to Bravissimo for mine so even a plain black bra is almost £30. 
  2. Bra designs on the high street you are ok if you go somewhere that specially caters for women with large boobs but most high street stores have a limited option for styles/colours when you go above a D, they start to look a bit "old" and not really something you would wear if you wanted to feel sexy
  3. Low cut tops really run the risk of looking trashy, yet on someone with smaller boobs it would look fine
  4. "Are they real" well judging by the fact that they don't look like beach balls stuck on to the front of me then yes you can assume they are real 
  5. "Can I feel them?" ok unless I know you, the answer will most likely always be no
  6. "Can you just stop pushing your chest out to make them look bigger?" actually no, I don't want to end up with a bad back so sorry if my "pushing my chest out" makes you uncomfortable but I like good posture so you're going to have to deal with it
  7. Seat belts, oh my god, just any thing that goes across the body, so uncomfortable, but obviously seat belts are important so we have to use them (doesn't stop them from being a pain though) 
  8. Blouses, do I really need to elaborate on this? 
  9. Buying dresses/blouses, now this is mixed really, I know that women with hour glass figures can find it hard, I wear a size 10 blouse for work, on my waist it is far too big I could have gone for an 8 there, but up top on my boobs- that is an entirely different story, I have to wear a top under my blouse just in case my shirt accidentally pops open (which it does quite often) the logical approach would be to buy a larger blouse, but unfortunately we can't wear shirts that are too big as they look untidy, same goes for shirts that are too small. I think I need a button-less blouse really. 
  10. "what is your bra size?" now to be honest some of my friends do know my bra size, one of them likes to inform other mutual friends what size I am when they are comparing sizes, but if I don't know you and that is one of your first questions now that's a bit rude don't you think?
  11. Food falling down your bra, this is a nightmare for anyone really because nobody wants to reach into their bra to pull food out regardless of their bra size but it had to be added. 
  12. Quadra boob, you know what I mean, horrible for everybody but looks unsightly on those with bigger boobs.
  13. Matching underwear, Considering we are paying £20+ for a bra, matching briefs are then an extra £15+ on top of that, it's ok if you want a special set or you have the funds for it, but matching sets just for everyday, that's expensive and is it really worth it? 
  14. Being a teen with big boobs, when I first started going to Bravissimo I was around 14 years old, I had always thought I was a 34D and that was pretty big compared to my friends, imagine my surprise when I went to Bravissimo and got measured at 30FF there was no way in hell I would be able to get bras on the high street any more, in the end bras became birthday & christmas presents or bought when I was in dire need of a new bra because at that age I couldn't afford to be going out and buying a new bra whenever I wanted just for the sake of it.
  15. Exercising- this is why you need a good sports bra, you do not want your boobs to be flying all over the place, it's not comfortable. 
  16. "How can you be self concious when you have boobs that big?" as a teenager I was extremely self concious BECAUSE of my boobs, I didn't wear tank tops if I could get away with it, I mostly wore t-shirts and hoodies because I didn't like the attention I was receiving because of them, sure they were great I could use them to get in to see an older rated film if I wanted to, but at a young age I didn't like the fact that men my mums age now (in their 40s) would stare at me in the streets and come out with disgusting comments about them.
I know this wasn't the typical "list post" you see floating about, they usually have a lost more humour to them, and while yes they do have good points, I have read through some and chuckled and been able to relate to most if not all points but I thought I would list some other problems that do occur. 
In regards to 15 I am a lot less self concious because of my boobs, I am just self concious that I might accidentally flash someone if I wear a low cut top.

If you can relate to any of these or have any to add yourself then just pop them in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading. 

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