18 Ways To Beat the Blues

So I didn't end up posting a blog post last week, I actually have two that I am working on in my drafts and a few others in mind, I just lacked the drive to actually post anything- same goes for my youtube, I just didn't have the drive to film. edit and upload a video.

You could say that I was having a very "down" weekend to be honest, You know the kind where you know there is stuff you need and want to do but at the same time to be blunt you just can't be bothered with anything? yep that was me, no matter what I did I found it hard to lift my mood.
Sometimes it's easy to lift myself out of these funks other times not so much, and I know other people feel like this as well from time to time.
All week I have been compiling a list of things that make me happy/help cheer me up/relax me, so even if I am having a bad day in general there will be at least one thing that makes me smile.

I thought I would share this list with you guys in case you relate, you never know something on the list might make you smile or you might want to give some of them a try for yourself to see if they work for you.

  1. My Nephew- starting off with this little guy, it is no secret to anyone who knows me, just how much I adore my Nephew, he always brings a smile to my face. 
  2. Peppermint Tea- I am OBSESSED with tea in general, but Peppermint Tea always calms me down, I'm not kidding, just try it at some point. 
  3. Disney songs- yes I am 26 years old, yes I still love Disney films, Yes I like to listen to Disney songs, sometimes I think it's the nostalgia that I like
  4. Reading- this has always been my go-to method for escaping the "real world" 
  5. Candles- Now I am terrified of the dark, but sometimes I do like to shut myself off from the world in a dark room and light some candles and relax (just make sure you don't fall asleep with candles still burning) 
  6. Baths- Still living at home with the family means it can be hard to have a relaxing bath, so when the house is empty (or it's ridiculous time in the morning- before 6am) I like to take advantage of the time and have a relaxing bath, I tend to break out the Lush goodies too. 
  7. Writing- sounds a bit odd when I said that I didn't have the drive to upload a blog post right? but by writing I mean just venting, writing down whatever it is that is bothering me just to get it out of my system (this one doesn't really make me smile but it can help you get over those down days where you can't really pinpoint what is wrong, writing about it does honestly help clear the mind)
  8. Baking- Not only do you get to enjoy freshly baked goods, but then there is the smell, oh god who doesn't love the smell of baking? and there is something quite therapeutic about the process and the clean up. 
  9. Going for a walk- This is one of my favourite ways to clear my mind, as long as I have the essentials on me- phone, earphones, key, water, cash and inhaler then I can go off walking for a good couple of hours- sometimes more, not only is it good for you but depending where you are it can be very peaceful. (But please make sure you know the area and a safe way home if needs be)
  10. Music- whether it's something more peaceful and relaxing, catchy and makes you want to dance along or angsty "I hate everything" it all works, come on we all have those "fuck the world" songs that we blare out when we are feeling particularly angry, those ones that make you want to bop your head along and smile when you hear the lyrics and the relaxing ones that help you chill out, isn't there a saying like "where words fail there is always music" or something like that? (if anyone knows what I'm on about leave it in the comments below) 
  11. Cinnamon- The scent to me is SO relaxing, as soon as I can smell it I start to feel more at ease and I feel like I can unwind a little. 
  12. Friends- now I never really tell my friends when something is bothering me- I'm more likely to take on their problems and try to help them rather than have them take on my problems, but sometimes just talking to friends about any random shit can help cheer you up. 
  13. Youtube- Just because you don't have the motivation to film, edit and upload a video doesn't mean you can't enjoy other videos, there are certain youtubers that I love watching at the moment (more about this in a future blog post) and my day isn't the same if I miss a video, especially the SacconeJoly's, I don't think it's possible to not crack a smile when watching their vlogs. 
  14. Google Maps- I know, What the fuck? but you know those days where you want to go out but you don't want to have to do the whole going out thing, sound familiar at all? right well google maps can be good for those days, even if it's just for 10 minutes, but come on who wouldn't like to walk around LA without having to actually leave their house I mean ok the LA you are looking at on Google Maps might be from 2013 but it's still something right? And hey if one day you ever actually get to go to LA then you might be able to navigate your way around a little bit.
  15. Pampering yourself- whether this is in the form of a bath (mentioned above) or giving yourself a make over, it's something different and it might make you feel a little bit better. 
  16. Working out- Did I really just? yes I did, trust me, working out does actually make you feel better, it might not make you smile but it does make you feel a lot better, it releases endorphins and what not- sorry I'm no good at the biology side of it, but I do know that I do feel good after a decent work out. 
  17. Sleeping- it doesn't exactly make me happy, but sometimes I do feel slightly better after a short nap. 
  18. Pinterest- Because browsing Pinterest looking for DIY projects that look super cute but you know will never actually do is always one of the best ways to spend your down days, no seriously, it can be quite good, and sometimes you might actually decide to actually do one of the DIY's you have seen. 
So there you have it, that is the list I compiled, if you have anything to add then leave it in the comments below. 
Obviously these won't work for everyone but it's all just suggestions and things that help me. 
Please do not confuse having a "down day" to being depressed, while they might seem the same at face value they are entirely different, if you honestly believe you are suffering from depression then please seek the correct help and talk to someone you trust, don't ignore it in the hopes that it will go away. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this post useful.