20 things it is most definitely ok to do...

  1. If you still love Disney movies and will happily listen and sing along to Disney songs 
  2. If your idea of an evening well spent involves relaxing at home with a cup of tea and tv/a book/a movie
  3. If the only high end Make up you own is in the form of samples free with magazines
  4. If you check out websites like groupon, wowcher, latestfreestuff etc.. for good deals on products, days out, spa treatments...
  5. To still wear slogan t-shirts 
  6. To post a picture of your meal on Instagram- so what people on facebook might cringe at the idea but we know there are plenty of people on IG who will appreciate it.
  7. For your eyebrows to not be identical- as they say, they should be sisters not twins.
  8. To take a break from social media- I love instagram, twitter, tumblr, my blog, youtube, but when it comes to my personal facebook... entirely different story, sometimes you just need to take a break from it. 
  9. To be in control of your sex life, want a lot of sex? go ahead but be safe with it, want no sex at all? that's perfectly fine too, want to experiment with other people? that's cool but again be careful, your sex life is exactly that- YOURS it is up to you what you do/don't do. 
  10. To take "Me-time" days, trust me, you might feel better for it actually. 
  11. To go a day without make up, are you going out today/seeing people today? no? then do you really need make up on? didn't think so, give your skin chance to breath.
  12. To still have a celebrity crush, no matter what people tell you, it isn't childish or stupid, I myself might have a small crush on Michael Clifford (from 5 Seconds of Summer for those of you not in the know) and I don't care, celebrity crushes happen so embrace them.
  13. To wear odd socks, unless you really HAVE to have them matching then you don't always have to make sure they match. 
  14. To take selfies, if you think you look good and you want to take a selfie then get that phone out and take a selfie.
  15. If your eyeliner isn't always "on point" I'm sure even the pros have bad eyeliner days, it happens to everyone. 
  16. To opt for the Primark version of something, sure you might love those £40+ jeans from *Insert name of clothing retailer here* but if you can get them cheaper elsewhere then at least you are making a saving. 
  17. To sometimes feel a little insecure, I'm all for self empowerment but it's only human to feel a little insecure at times so don't always push it off like it's nothing, those insecurities can give us motivation to push ourselves to be the best we can. 
  18. To be confident, I am following the above with confidence because while it's only human to be insecure, it's also applies to confidence, if you are confident then you take that confidence and let other people see it.
  19. Create DIY project boards on Pinterest but never actually do them, I mean at least they are always there if you ever want to though, so that counts for something 
  20. Still enjoy using the 2P machines at arcades, it might be (read as : definitely is) a waste of money and all you *might* win is a toy that costs less than a pound to buy but there is something nostalgic about it so once every now and then you might as well give in to temptation. 
I hope you liked this list, the idea came to me at work today so I spent the journey home compiling a list and this is what I managed to come up with, if you have any suggestions to add then please leave them in the comments below :) 
Yes I did get inspiration from Glamour magazine for this kind of list but the ideas are all my own.



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