"ugh not another selfie"

Ok so I was just doing my usual peruse of Instagram when I noticed a picture uploaded by a "friend" I use that word very lightly, more like an acquaintance if you will, of this Willy Wonka Meme.

For her privacy I have cropped the picture so her details aren't available, now I'm sure this is already out there on the internet, so I shouldn't take offence at it, but I do have to question what is the problem with people taking selfies? why do people feel the need to complain about how it is vain? why do people have to say "oh you're taking a Selfie?" like there is something actually wrong with the act. 
Now I myself can take up to 20 pictures in one day to find one I like, do I post them all? god no, there might be two that make the cut, do I take selfies every day? no I take them when I think I look good, I can go days, weeks even without wanting to take a picture of myself- snapchat included, because I don't feel confident enough to!
To me, selfies are a way to express self love, if you think you look cute one day then take a picture to remind yourself in future if you are having a shit day, yes there is an essence of vanity to it, and who doesn't like getting "likes" on their pictures? it boosts our confidence, is that wrong? 
Don't get me wrong when I see people taking selfies on the bus it does amuse me somewhat as you know they will have someone trying to ruin the picture in the background, but I wouldn't judge them or make snide remarks because of it. 

Then again said acquaintance is also the type of person to complain about how people use facebook, here's some advice for her, delete the individuals who post things you don't want to see, don't complain about it because people will use THEIR social media accounts for whatever the hell they want to, so if they want to upload pictures of their pets, food, themselves, family etc. then that is up to them, nobody else has the right to bitch about how they are using social media. 

So, to end this little rant, if you want to take selfies, then go ahead and do it, use that confidence take all the selfies you want, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed that somebody might be judging you, it's them with the problem, and they need to get over it instead of trying to belittle other people.

If you have an opinion on selfies then please do leave them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.