One Direction OTRA Cardiff 6/6/2015 Concert Review

If you don't like One Direction then don't read this post.

OK I'm going to start being honest here and I may get hate for this but vocally they weren't their strongest for this show, that's not a bad thing, we all have bad days. There were a few occasions where they were "struggling" to carry on through and reach certain notes or finish the lyrics fully, at the end of the day this happens to everyone, come on how many times have you been sat there in the car singing along at the top of your lungs when you run out of breath and can't carry on in time? yep exactly, so I'm not going to hold that against them.
Besides for the occasions that they were "struggling" the fans were there to carry on for them which as performers they will love that their fans are there singing their songs back at them.

Now that's out of the way I can continue, ok so I am 5"3 so I am on the short side of life which meant that because the couple in front didn't use logic and think "well they are shorter so I can stand behind them and still have a good view" I had a wonderful view of the back of someone's head all evening- oh and he just LOVED throwing his head in the way when I was attempting to take pictures, Luckily I did manage to get a fair few good ones (hey all that old myspace posing has paid off, I don't always have to be able to see what is on the screen to get a good picture)

Can I just say though I am always blown away by how pretty Louis Tomlinson is? This is the third time I have seen them live, I also went to his first ever football match with the Rovers, and each time I am astounded by him, I'm literally left like "god he is actually so pretty" if anyone says otherwise then please stop lying to yourself.

As for song choices, ahh well this is where I do have a problem, and I will not deny that I am jealous and a little annoyed at this, for the first leg and few tour dates after the break the set list has been good, but since the album was released fans were pretty much begging for No Control and 18 to be on there, they are both definitely fan favourites, then after the "No Control fan campaign" people were actually expecting them to perform it starting with the Cardiff shows, I mean it makes sense really doesn't it? but no, so we were resigned to the fact that we would not get to hear it live, until suddenly at a recent date in Brussels BOTH No Control and 18 are randomly added to the set list, erm excuse me but what? 
There were people on the first leg of the tour wanting to hear those songs, Since the album was released I know I sent a fair few tweets myself expressing my wishes to hear it live. 
If you're going to change the set list you make sure it's arranged and sorted out for the shows commencing straight after the break not casually after a few shows, it's kind of a little bit shitty to do to fans who have already seen you and wanted to hear certain songs but didn't (and I'm not just talking on a personal level here). 
I know I will get a lot of "you are lucky you have seen them, some people haven't had the chance" but you can't sit there and honestly tell me you wouldn't be annoyed if you wanted to hear a song live but a band didn't perform it at your show yet they decided to perform it at another.
So now I'm here hoping that somehow I come across tickets to the actual UK leg of the tour just so I can hear them (Look I would have been happy if my concert was just Louis coming out on stage belting out No Control and then only performing a few other songs, as I keep informing people on Snapchat, I'm a little obsessed with that song)

Ok now that rant is out of the way I would like to say that opening with Clouds was a brilliant way to set the tone of the show, it instantly get's peoples attention so as soon as it started there was a good atmosphere.

I don't want to go through all of the songs (partially because I can't remember the order they were sang in and I wouldn't want to completely ruin it for other people who are waiting to see them) as I mentioned at the start, some vocals weren't fantastic, but they were by no means bad I think sometimes it was a case of not having enough breath.

This was the first time I had personally seen them as a 4 piece as Zayn had been at the two previous concerts I had been to, I will be honest, vocally he makes a difference but the other boys can hold their own when taking his solos so I am very much looking forward to how the next album will sound, but his "stage presence" will not be missed, where as you have Harry constantly bounding across the stage like he was made for it, Liam who likes to engage with the audience, Niall who is just "loving life" up there and Louis who just owns his solos and likes to have a bit of banter with the boys and musicians, Zayn was always the more reserved one and didn't engage very much with fans unless prompted (This isn't an attack on Zayn, I just think he might be more suited to something on a smaller scale so he is more comfortable)

It was a little strange seeing them without 5SOS opening for them but McBusted were amazing and it was nice getting to see them live as I had missed out on tickets to their tour previously.

Because I was unable to see for most of the show I didn't record any of the songs as it would have been a wasted effort and my arms would have been absolutely killing me by the end of a few songs. So instead I will share a few of the pictures I managed to get.

Would I see them again? Yes, I am actually looking forward to seeing them continue on, I know there are yet more rumours of them splitting up (but they have been around since the first album) but for now there will be at least another tour next year so I will be doing my best to get tickets to that.