5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Leeds 3/6/15 concert Review

Ok so it's been over a month since I saw 5sos in Leeds, I know I didn't wait very long before writing my One Direction concert review (but hey I was and still am kind of annoyed at them for casually adding songs to the set list midway through a tour- look it's just a shitty thing to do, you have a set list and you stick to it, but the least said about that the better because I could rant about it)
Anyway onto a more positive note, 5sos, I actually still feel the concert high from that.
Unlike with One Direction my tickets were for seated as opposed to standing, but luckily I wasn't really too far away.
No zoom used for this picture.

As you can see, even zoomed out I had a pretty great view, So I managed to get quite a few good pictures (embarrassingly for myself quite a lot of them were of Michael... what can I say I'm a " Michael girl") and a few videos- I have only uploaded one of them so far. 

I decided to only record sections instead of full songs as I plan on putting them together at some point and uploading it as a concert compilation- and also I didn't want my memory to run out or my battery to die. 

As you can see though they are 4 boys who love what they are doing, they may not be everyones taste but they are happy doing what they are doing, 
There is no showing off with anything fancy, just 4 friends doing what they do, having fun, throwing in a few pyrotechnics oh and Ashton's cool thing that his drums were on.

After seeing them on their own tour (I had previously seen them twice supporting One Direction) I can't wait for them to do another tour and hopefully come back to Leeds again, but hey even if I have to go to Manchester or Sheffield I will do (I might even go to multiple shows if funds allow it)

See below for some pictures from the concert