Bravissimo wishlist. Let's talk about Bras

I'm not going to lie, having big boobs can be a complete nightmare, especially when it comes to buying bras when you live on minimum wage. Unfortunately I can't pop into primark and buy a cute set for £6 whenever I feel like it, or if I have a bra-emergency. No I have to go to Bravissimo for my bras and while I love the bras they sell and customer service they are on the pricier side, we are talking £20+ which is fine when you want a "sexy" set of lingerie, so I limit myself to 2-3 new bras a year, one around christmas, One around my birthday (which is just after Christmas) and one around the summer time.
We are getting to my new bra time so I thought I would head on over to Bravissimo's website and compile a little wishlist that might help other people if they are stuck in a rut in the underwear department.
One thing to note, is all bras fit differently so something that might be suitable for my shape might not be suitable for everyone, remember like people all boobs are different.
Also I am going to be 100% honest here, even at Bravissimo I can struggle to find bras that I like, because of my bra size the only bra's that are available to me are full cup, balconette (which FYI are different to the standard balconette bra we see which is more like a half cup) and nursing bras. Personally I prefer the look of a half cup bra as the Balconette style can sometimes come a little too high up. Depending on the colour and material (yes this can affect your bra size) I can sometimes fit into a smaller size so I have been able to get a half cup before.
Now onto the wishlist

Balconette style:

The above two pictures are the same style bra just in different prints, normally I would go for a black but I am very drawn to the pink print as well. As you can see this isn't the same style Balconette we usually see as it has the added lace to give more structure, 

This would be ideal for those days where you are wearing a light coloured shirt and you don't want a black bra showing through, the light colouring makes it stand out from your plain white bras without being too over the top. 

Something a little more fun and vibrant, I actually like the shape and lift this gives the models bust so I definitely want to check it out, I'm not sure I am sold on the print but it definitely has a good shape to it. 

Half cup
Not normally a print I would go for, but I love the shape of a half cup, the only problem is they typically only go up to a G-H so depending on the fit of this I might have to miss out on this (which would be a shame as it has my name anyway- yes I am that person who does sometimes buy things just because they have my name)

Out of all the plunge bras this was probably the one that looked like it offered more support, most of the others looked a little too plunging so if you have bigger boobs they might not be the best suggestion. 

As you can see I have currently got my list down to 6 bras, but at almost £30 each I will only buy one or two, so roll on pay day so I can go in and see what they look like close up, who knows I might not like any of them, or I might like them all. 

One thing to remember when buying new bras is ALWAYS try them on, just because you might normally be one size it doesn't mean you are always going to be that size, as I mentioned the brand, colour, shape and material can all affect the size you buy.

I hope people found this interesting. 

All pictures were taken from the bravissimo website