Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer Collection

Makeup Revolution is another high street brand that has jumped on board with the whole Velvet Lip Lacquer "thing" I know Topshop have some (I haven't tried them though) and MUA have their own version of it too. 

I will be honest I do have 3 by MUA but I am more drawn in by Makeup Revolution, they have a wider range of colours, I mean come on-that purple at the top! so I am hoping to eventually have all of the ones available- side note, if they could create dupes of Cashmere and Chinchilla by LimeCrime then that would be awesome. 

As you can see I only have a small collection for now but as I mentioned I am wanting to collect them all eventually, so I thought I would share what I have for now. 

Top-Bottom: Depravity, Keep Trying for you, Rebel, Vamp, Black Heart

Top-Bottom: Black Heart, Vamp, Rebel, Keep Trying for You, Depravity

As you can see on my arm I hadn't waited for them to dry before taking the picture but you can still see just how pigmented they are, for £3.00 you can't go wrong. 

Now to apologise for my face in the next few pictures, just so you can see the products worn on the lips. 
(Oh also sorry for the lovely plaster on my thumb- I can't cut cheese for the life of me and I managed to cut my thumb and into the nail as well- now I'm just waiting for my nail to hurry up and grow.)

Queue dodgy evening lighting...

Not the most wearable of shades but I am so in love with it I HAD to buy it. The lipstick version of this is still pigmented but slightly more wearable. 

Keep Trying for You
What can I say about this other than- it's Red, I have a need to own red lip products and this was no exception, I'm kind of obsessed with it. 

The picture does not do this any justice, it is a lovely pink/purple, ideal for every day wear if you are going light on the eye. 

I am pretty certain I have the lipstick version of this as well, so even if it's not an everyday wearable lipstick I do love the colour, it's quite a dark plum so I think it would work on quite a few skin tones. 

Black Heart
Similar to Vamp but with more black in it, I can appreciate that this isn't to everyone's taste but personally I LOVE it. I think they may have been inspired by the shade "Blackheart" in the naked 3 palette and to be honest I don't blame them if they were, it was that shade that made the Naked 3 palette a MUST have item for me.

I know I mentioned that I do want the whole collection at some point but if you have tried any what colours would you recommend as ones to keep an eye out for? 


  1. Vamp is gorgeous! You pull off a light purple lipstick off so bloody well! Xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely :D I love Vamp, I wish I could wear it for work but I have a feeling I would be asked to take it off as it's a little "out there". xxx


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