Mini Superdrug Beauty Haul

It's been a while since I last posted a haul (not sure why since I have done quite a lot of shopping, I just didn't haul any of it...) but I picked up a few new items today and felt like doing a haul post so here we are.

Ok so I like Makeup Revolution products, I have lost count how many times I have mentioned them on this blog, however I don't like how awkward they are to get hold of, out of the three Superdrug stores in my town only one stocks the range and definitely needs updating in terms of stock, So I have to travel to another store just to see if they have in any of what I want- sometimes they don't so it's quite a wasted journey, which when you're in the car it's not too bad (well half an hour there and then half an hour back) but when you're on the bus and it takes 2 buses (an hour and a half there and then back) now THAT is a wasted journey.
People have suggested that I buy products online but to be honest I prefer to be able to actually SEE the makeup in person in case I end up not liking it- so Makeup Revolution people if there is a chance of you seeing this (it could happen) can you look into updating existing stands?
Today I kind of got lucky, 1 I got a lift in so less travelling, and 2 they had some of the stock that I wanted (some not all) so let's show you what I got.

In no particular order:

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer in Velvet Rebel £3.00
I already have this in lipstick form but I am trying to build a collection of velvet lip lacquers and I love the colour so I had to have it. 

Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm £3.00
I know I have committed a huge blogger sin by using it before taking pictures but I did have to use it, there will be a review of this coming fairly soon. 

I Heart Makeup "Naked Chocolate" palette £7.99
This is the only chocolate palette I have been interested in and for months it has not been in store so when I saw that there was only 2 on the shelf I knew I HAD to buy this. 

Makeup Revolution "Beyond Flawless" palette £8.00
Ok I have the matte version of this so I have been debating about this one for a while but I am always drawn in by it so I knew I had to get it eventually, I mean just look at those colours. (Would you believe that there was once a point when I didn't much care for "nude" palettes and now I have quite the collection) I can't wait to start using this, as much as I enjoy using my matte version I do sometimes enjoy a bit of shimmer to give a bit more dimension. 

If you have any other products you would recommend then please leave them in the comments below as I am always wanting to try new products. 
I hope you liked this haul. 


  1. I totally agree not all the products are in store... It gets so annoying! Xxxx

    1. I'm so glad you agree, I love the makeup, but when it is so hard to get hold of and the only suggestion you get is to order it online it does irk me. I know they are an affordable brand but it would still be money wasted if I ended up not liking the products I ordered, and then there is the issue of foundations- I want to try "the One" foundation but I refuse to buy foundation without testing it first. I suppose we will have to make do with what we can manage to get our hands on xxx


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