One Direction: Between Us Perfume unboxing and first thoughts.

I have done posts for other One Direction perfumes so I thought I would do one for this newest

Currently this is only available in the UK at Boots, but it will be in Superdrug on the 29th of July then nationwide on the 5th of August.
For release dates around the world check out their website (although I do believe the US is also 5th of August)
30ml- £21
50ml- £29
100ml- £39

This is the 4th fragrance brought out by One Direction and in terms of packaging alone definitely the best.

I mean come on why couldn't they have used this kind of layout for the previous boxes? And it's nothing to do with having less band members now, the older boxes are wider so they would have had the room for this. Anyway that aside, I do like this, it's subtle, the monochrome with a touch of gold gives it a sophisticated look.

Inside the box you have a little "message" from One Direction telling you a little about the fragrance- and even in french too.

Now onto the bottle, all I have to say about this is- YES. 
ok not really but I do really like this bottle. 

They have come a LONG way since the princess styled bottle of Our Moment.
This is definitely the kind of bottle that you can have on your shelf/vanity unit and not have people making remarks about you wearing a childs perfume. 
While they have moved on a lot since Our Moment this won't look out of place if you have a collection of all of the fragrances they have released *raises my hand* what can I say? the older bottles might be more suited to somebody a lot younger but the perfumes still smell nice. 

And that leads us on to the scent. 
I am honestly shit at describing scents in general, I can occasionally pick out notes but then there are times I might think something smells floral and musky but in reality it's completely different. 
So I am going to steal the scent break down from the Perfume shop 

Heart Notes: Freesia, Gardenia, Solar Jasmine Accord
Top Notes: Mandarin Essence, Italian Orpur Nutmeg Essence, Indonesia Apricot Flesh
Base Notes: Patchouli Essence from Indonesia, Vanilla Essence from Madagascar, Golden Amber Accord
Scent: Fruity Floral
Feel: Mysterious, Seductive, Sensual

Does that mean anything to anyone? 
For once I actually tested this in store (at around 11am) to see how it would wear through the day at work, when I first applied it it did have a sweet scent, which later mellowed out into something a little musky- still feminine but not as sweet as it started out. 
It is now just after 9pm and there is still a scent on my wrist, I would say I can definitely smell the vanilla which is probably what keeps it sweet throughout the day. 
It's not as strong as when first applied, I think people would only really be able to smell it now if they were in close contact with me. 

All in all I would recommend this, especially if you already like the others. The bottle and scent are more mature than previous released fragrances but again like the others this is suitable for people of all ages.

I am intrigued about what else they might have up their sleeves for future fragrances. 

I hope you liked this first thoughts post.