MUA Haul & mini Reviews

Ahhh good old MUA, I won't lie the past year or so I was getting a little erm bored. Don't get me wrong there were products that I still bought because I liked them and they were things I normally bought, like their brow pencil- I actually prefer it to the Maybelline brow pencil.
But in terms of new releases they just seemed to lack, I think I picked up one or two new releases here and there but nothing really caught my eye.
Until recently, maybe it's because Karla Powell is working with them- and she is someone who isn't afraid to experiment with makeup looks and colours, or maybe they are looking at competitors and seeing what they are releasing- their main one now is Makeup Revolution, affordable products just like MUA but they are out there releasing palette after palette, I mean they are looking at high end products and bringing them to high street prices.
Anyway, I nipped into Superdrug after work as I needed to pick up some Micellar wipes- I'm going to London on Friday for the weekend and I may be having to do some makeup reapplication on the train so I like to be prepared.
So I picked up my wipes and decided to have a look at the Makeup Stands as I am looking for a liquid highlight, and I knew MUA had done one in the past, I had just never tried it out before.
MUA- Undress your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow- Pink Shimmer. £4.00
This is available in 3 shades- Pink, Champagne, and Oyster so you can choose which one you prefer, I always prefer a pink or silver highlight as I think it suites me better, so I opted for the Pink Shimmer. As you can see it blends out very easily, unfortunately pictures do not do it justice, it really is a beautiful highlight, even more if you apply a powder highlight over the top- MUA also carries 3 powder highlights to correspond with the liquid highlighters. 

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick- Luster £4,00
This is a brand new product from MUA, so far there are 7 colours in the collection- I picked up 2 but I could be tempted to try out some of the others. This is a very strange colour as it looks different under different lights, in some lights it looks champagne, in others it has a slight grey tint to it, yet in others it looks gold.
First off the pigmentation is amazing, the product feels good on the lips- not too sticky, I will admit though I personally could feel some of the shimmer particles, but that's not to say everyone will. This would look good over the top of a lipstick to add some dimension to it, or worn alone. 

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick- Glint £4.00
This is the second shade out of the 7 that I picked up, when I first swatched this on my hand it was such a dark brown I wasn't sure at first, but eventually I decided to try it and just like Luster I think this would look good over the top of another lipstick or worn alone, depending on what kind of look you want to go for. I have worn this over the top of a red and it looks amazing. 

I think I will have to keep an eye out for the other colours as I know there was a stunning purple and deep red that I was tempted by. 
MUA have also added 4 new shades to their Velvet Lip Lacquerers- I myself am very interested in the black and the grey shades. 

I am hoping that with the arrival of these new products MUA do continue with more new releases, I hate to be negative but I honestly haven't felt drawn to new any new releases in a long time until now. 

The Metallic Liquid lipsticks are available on the MUA website now and should be in Superdrug stores too. 

Will you be checking out any of the new products?