Top 5 favourite Neutral lip products

Neutral lipsticks are different for everyone, and I'm not just referring to skin tones making them different, but we all have our preferences, like some people like bright pink lipsticks whereas others might prefer a soft baby pink.

For me finding a neutral lipstick I liked was very hard, as I am fair skinned I have stayed away from a lot as I felt they gave off the dreaded "concealer lip" look.

Over time I have managed to build a small collection of "neutral" lipsticks, some of them are a little dark but hey they are more neutral than some of the lipsticks I own.

Starting with the darker "neutral" colours

PS love lip liner- Primark
As with most makeup from Primark there are no shade names so if you are going in looking for something in particular it's better to have a picture of it to help you look otherwise it might be a little tricky. As you can see this is quite dark for a neutral colour, kind of like your lips but a shade or two darker. I would suggest wearing a lip balm with this as it can be quite drying but as you can see the colour pigmentation is pretty great to say it is less than £2,00. 

Essence- Satin Mauve
Slightly lighter than the PS love lip liner with an almost brown tone this was the first "neutral" shade I picked up and I pretty much fell in love with it. As with the previous I would also wear a lip balm over the top of this as it has a slight sticky texture when first applied. 

Rimmel- Eastend Snob
I'm pretty certain I have heard Gabby (Velvetgh0st) mention this in the past, this is a colour I have debated about buying even before I went on my neutral lip colour venture, but eventually I decided to bite the bullet and try it out, and I am glad I did, this fast became my go to lip colour- in fact I had repurchase it this week. As with the previous lip liners I mentioned I would also suggest a lip balm over the top of this just so it isn't too drying. 

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine- Orion
I picked this up after I saw Anna Saccone mention it in a vlog a while back, I fell in love with the colour on her, and while it does look different on me due to our different skin tones, I still love the colour on myself. It's extremely easy to wear- it's got a slight orange tone which I do tend to stay away from, but it is very subtle, kind of like a touch of copper. 

I <3 makeup- Lips that won't lie 
I think this is probably the only nude lipstick I will own (but who knows that could change in the future) at first when I saw it in the bullet I wasn't sure as it looks very orange toned, luckily I decided to give it a try as it does have quite a nice colour when applied, While it does still have some orange to it, I do detect some pink tones too, whether this is my natural lip colour showing through or not I'm not 100% sure yet but I am glad I tried it out. 

I would like to give an honourable mention to my favourite taupe toned nude by Essence - Come Naturally, unfortunately at the time of writing up this blog post I had managed to misplace it- so I mat have to repurchase it again. 

The lip liners mentioned above can all be worn on their own or sometimes I do mix them with the lipsticks also mentioned to create different "neutral" lip colours. 

All products mentioned are under £5.00 each.