One Direction OTRA London 25th September 2015 Concert review

Back story if you want to read it 
So you might remember I wrote a review when I saw One Direction in Cardiff in June and I was less than pleased with it.
Honestly I was so underwhelmed with that I like to think it didn't happen, yes it sounds selfish but the whole atmosphere was so strange.
Anyway I don't want to dwell on the past too much.
One thing that did bother me was the fact that they added No Control to the setlist at a later date (to me it would have made sense to add it after the break for the Cardiff shows but apparently logic flew out of the window there) so I may have boycotted the song- which is hard because it is my favourite song on the album, but I legitimately refused to listen to any version of it at all.
Fast forward a couple months and my friend messages me telling me her work friend is selling tickets to see them in London, so we start to get a little excited about maybe being able to see them (and hear No Control), we didn't get the tickets from her friend but eventually she found some online 2nd row for £150 each, now I thought that was a good price considering her friend was wanting £150 for seats in the stands somewhere.
Unfortunately not even a week before the concert the seller backed out of the sale so my friend contacted stubhub and they told her they would see what they could do- either find comparable tickets or a full refund. I won't lie the comparable tickets did worry me a little- would it be comparable to location or comparable to price. So I told my friend that as she knows the arena to agree to the seats if she thinks they are good.
So now we reach the 24th of September- the day before the concert and we don't know if we are going or not. Until sometime just before midday I received a snapchat from her telling me that we will be front row, I may have lost my calm a little bit. So that just lifted my mood right up.

Review of the concert
I don't think people understand sarcasm, I uploaded a picture of my view saying the seats were pretty shit and people thought I was being serious. At this point I was actually sat down so the stage does look very high, but when I stood up it was better. But as you can see I was very close, although that didn't sink in until One Direction came out on stage- and opened with No Control, I pretty much lost my shit.

It was around this point when it started sinking in how close I was (oddly enough I have been front row for other concerts, but those have been things like Iron Maiden & Deep Purple, anyone can push their way to the front when it's not seated)
(I may have been a little snap happy, I uploaded over 400 pictures to facebook)

I can say I have now joined the group of people who Harry has thrown water on so there's that-can that be added to my CV? .
So "No Control" live, was it worth it? Yes, absolutely, in fact this whole concert was SO much better than Cardiff, the atmosphere was so much better, the boys were more into their performances, so it was definitely worth the £150 I paid for my ticket. 

Aside from No Control I can't really decide which other song I liked best. All in all they were all great. In terms of video recording I didn't get Stockholm Syndrome as they were down on the B-Stage in a "laser cage" which looks good from a distance on camera, but when I tried to zoom in it lost it's effect, Liam was having fun and kept putting his hands through the "bars". 
There was talk on tumblr that during You & I there are rainbow lights coming from the stage,  butbecause of where I was sat that was something I didn't get to see properly- like with the laser cage this would be better if viewed from the tiers. 

The stage this time was a lot smaller than when they have played stadiums, which in a way adds some intimacy to the gig, and there is less distance between the band themselves. 

I can definitely say that after this concert I would go see them again- I know you may be asking how considering they are going on hiatus next year, well I may have booked a ticket to see them in Sheffield too, so I'm hoping they don't disappoint then. 

I'm not going to be quite as close in Sheffield but I will still be on the floor around 15 rows from the B-Stage so unless there is someone really tall in front of me, I should have a fairly good view (but being 5"3 there is the chance that someone tall could be in front of me) I will probably try to get more videos on my actual camera in Sheffield as I just used my phone for the London Concert.

Now I have rambled on enough I will leave you with a few pictures from the concert. 

I will admit that Harry, Liam & Niall were probably the hardest to get pictures of, Harry & Liam because they are always moving around- I had so many of Harry where he ended up being a blur. 
And Niall because he didn't really venture over to the left side of the stage to interact with the audience much.

So now I have Sheffield to look forward to :)