Looking back on 2015

It's currently 2:15am on January the 18th, this isn't a spontaneous "reflecting on 2015" post, in fact it's something I had decided I wanted to do in December, but I haven't really been sure what I wanted to say or how to frame this post, truthfully, I still don't, so I'm going to do something "unprofessional" when it comes to blogging and just wing it, maybe writing this way might be better right now as it's more organic and from the heart rather than planned and edited. So grab something to drink as this might be a long read

So the year started off pretty average, I don't really remember the first couple of days, the only thing I remember from the beginning of the year was a trip down to London to see some friends and a visit to Winter Wonderland, it's odd how I remember this yet I have blanked out my 26th birthday which came later in the month, I know I went to the cinema with my mum and her friend as my mums birthday is just after mine, yet I can't remember what we went to see, although I shall assume it was a rom-com. I do remember that we almost didn't end up going out that night as there had been a heavy snow fall.

In terms of friendships I feel like one has ended, I can't even put it down to long distance as I have other long distance friendships that are doing fine, so right now that is up in the air, although I had a feeling mid 2015 that the friendship was on it's way out.

I did end up seeing One Direction 3 times last year- no it wasn't because they were "splitting" and I needed to see them before the hiatus, I had seen them in Cardiff in June and had been disappointed as the atmosphere felt very underwhelming and I barely got to see anything (the curse of being 5"3) at first I had been almost bitter when I found out that they had added No Control to the setlist mid European tour- yet on reflection I am so glad they didn't do it when I heard them in Cardiff. So my friend had found tickets to see them in London for £150 each- I know it sounds a lot but I was desperate to hear No Control live so she booked the ticket and when it got to payday I transferred the money back to her. And besides we ended up being right at the very front (at the side of the stage but still front row) so £150 wasn't too bad in my opinion, I may have paid out another £127 to see them in Sheffield on the second to last date, my seats weren't as good as London but I still had a good enough view.

As well as seeing One Direction I did see 5 Seconds of Summer when they came to Leeds, that was definitely worth queuing up for over an hour on the day the tickets were released, you might question why I didn't book them online like a sane person, but 1 ticket sites crash so you're not always guaranteed tickets anyway and 2 my computer broke the night before- Oops.

Mid last year there had been a fall out on my mums side of the family, obviously I won't get into the ins and outs of that as it's personal but part of that has finally been rectified this year after I made a rather blunt comment to my mum about how anything could happen to her mum and she wouldn't have a clue, I can't say for definite this is what prompted her to get back in touch with my Grandma but I think it struck a cord with her.

In terms of Blogging and Youtube- this was up and down throughout the year, I feel like I made more of an effort than in 2014, but unfortunately I couldn't dedicate enough time to be consistent, hopefully this will be different this year, I am not required to look after my nephew as often as I was last year so I now have more time to blog/film/edit, as for youtube, unfortunately I managed to misplace my camera mount for my tripod so it meant I couldn't film for a while (luckily I have found it so I have been uploading videos again) I have recently purchased a new camera with a flip screen so if I want to "daily vlog" at any point I can do- this will only be if I am doing something, so on a regular week day I can't see me using it as all I do is go to work. I did actually vlog when I went down to London for the weekend at new years and I will admit it is harder than it looks, but at the same time I found it easier to Vlog there than I would in my home town. So I think I will give it another shot when I go to Manchester on Sunday with my mum.

As for Health and Fitness, unfortunately there was a decline in this for me in 2015, I did gain some weight, which I am now working on losing, as with blogging I just found I didn't have the time to work out and I ended up eating crap because it's "easy food" I started this 30 day "diet" where you cut out chocolate and crisps and such like, so I started that, but with it being my birthday I did slip up a little bit, but I'm going straight back to that, and I have the "30 day shred" DVD to try out. So hopefully soon I will be back in shape.

So what does 2016 hold for me? well I'm not sure really, but I know that I will be putting more effort into my youtube and blog, I will be getting back into shape, I WILL be starting my driving lessons at some point this year, and I will get myself a passport ASAP, because can you believe I've not been abroad in over a decade?

I don't want to say the cliche "new year new me" or "2016 is MY year" because it is what you make it, so this year I will try to be the best version of me I can be, sure there may be days where I feel like things are going shit and I want to give up, but I just need to remember to stick to it and who knows what will happen.

All in all 2015 was up and down, so I'm going to try to make 2016 about progression :)

Hope you all have an amazing 2016, what do you want to happen for yourselves this year?

As I end this post it is now 3:13am.