Day trip to Brighton

At the beginning of the year I had said I wanted to get away more and go to new places, so I have started doing that...

Almost 3 weeks ago I had a day trip to Brighton with my friend Becca- you may have seen the vlog it featured in, if not you can watch that here:

It was actually my first ever trip to Brighton so I was a little excited, I didn't realise how uphill it was, I swear I got quite a work out when walking back to the train station.

Unfortunately there was a lot that we didn't do as we didn't have long there- we did wonder around and do a little bit of shopping and then sat on the beach for a while after playing around in the arcades on the pier. I know I'm 27 but I still get a bit of enjoyment out of those pesky 2p machines.

I had wanted a game of Air Hockey but apparently the puck for one of the tables had gone missing and the other was out of order so that never happened. I did attempt a basket ball game (not sure exactly what it is, but I know I did make at least 12 hoops) but none of them actually counted so I think there may have been a fault with that machine too, but it was fun all the same.

Naturally there was a ridiculous amount of selfies taken, I mean what else is there to do?

Keep scrolling to see some of the pictures taken- they aren't all selfies I promise.

Come on you can't go to Brighton and NOT go to the Beach Huts now can you? ok maybe if you live in Brighton or are from there you don't feel the need to, but it was my first time I felt the need. 

And despite my case of RBF I was having a great time (although not long before this I had found out that Becca had failed to mention that Asda sell Salted Caramel ice cream so I did have a mini sulk over that) 

I definitely want to go back at some point so I think it will have to be saved for another long weekend in London. I really wanted to check out "The Lanes" after hearing Zoella mention them often. 

Any places in Brighton you would recommend checking out the next time I go down? (although I'm not sure when this next trip will be, it's good to plan ahead though right?)