NYX Haul

It's been a long while since I last posted a haul on here, probably because I have had so much stuff that I have decided to film hauls for my youtube (which by the way there are quite a lot of hauls on there so if you want to check them out then just hop on over HERE oh and maybe subscribe whilst you are over there, if you want to)

But now I am actually trying to limit what I spend, I know how often to people say that and it's not true? but this time I'm serious.
Anyway, I may have picked up 3 items from NYX yesterday- in my defence two of the products are items I have been wanting to buy for a while now and the other is something I kind of needed.

I always said that having a NYX stand local to me would be bad for my bank balance and boy was I right, I could honestly go back every day and find something new that I like.

Now onto the actual haul.

NYX Wicked Lippie: Power £5.50
NYX: Fresh Face Blotting Paper £5.00
NYX Lip Lingerie: Corset £6.50

NYX Wicked Lippie: Power
I actually already own two of the lipsticks from this lipstick range "Sinful" and "Risque" and I am in awe of the pigmentation- side note they are so pigmented that it can leave a stain behind if not taken off properly. 

As you can see this is a pinkish purple tone- in my opinion it is probably the most "wearable" from the range as the other colours seem a lot more "out there" so to speak. 

When I first swatched this in store it had a more pink hue to it but on the lip it definitely takes on a more purple/mauve tone, as they are metallic lipsticks the shimmer is insane, but it doesn't feel harsh on the lips, in fact they are so easy to wear, it's very easy to forget you are wearing them. 

NYX Lip Lingerie: Corset
Much like with the Wicked Lippies I already own two of the Lip Lingeries "Embellishment" and "Beauty Mark". I could be very wrong here but I assume that the idea of the Lip Lingeries is that there would be a nude that worked for every skin tone? as I said, I could be wrong, anyway after perusing the internet looking at swatches upon swatches on various skin tones (hey I'm very fair skinned and a lot of nudes seem to look quite orange on me, seriously what is up with that?) I've now actually got a list of the lip lingeries that I like the look of, so I will gradually be getting my hands on them. 

In the picture this does look quite orange in the tube- luckily that doesn't transfer onto the lips, as you can see it does have the potential to wash me out as it does look almost "Greige" on the lips, so if I were to wear it then I would go for a deeper eye. 
I will admit that the texture of this felt different to the other two that I own so I don't know if it is meant to feel different or if mine is a little "dodgy" once it's on and set then it feels fine but it does have a slight "mousse" texture to it at first- if anyone else has encountered this with "corset" then please do let me know. 

NYX Fresh Face Blotting Paper
So this is what I actually needed, 

I've mentioned in videos that while I don't have oily skin I always have blotting papers on hand, simply because they do help keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day, I don't really stick to one particular brand but I thought that £5.00 for 100 isn't that bad when you think about it. 
I think NYX have at least 4 types of Blotting papers- I didn't even know you would need more than one type but I was proven wrong. 

If you have any other NYX products to recommend (that haven't been featured in videos) then please do let me know in the comments down below as I am wanting to try a lot more from the brand. 

Victoria xx