Goals for 2017

I'm going to be honest, I didn't complete a single thing on my goals for 2016 list, in fact I did very poorly on that front.
So here's to starting again in 2017.
This time I plan on sticking to this list.
So my goals/plans for 2017 are as follows:

  • Put more time and effort into blogging/Youtube- I'm tend to be more active on my Youtube, but I do want to try and get one blog post a month up at first then move up gradually. 
  • Get back in shape and improve my diet. 
  • Start cooking proper meals (seriously if I could I would live on pasta or toast, unless someone else cooks for me- It's not that I can't cook, I just can't be bothered) 
  • Travel more- I have a need to explore new places, even just for weekends away I need to just get out there. 
  • Start my driving lessons- this kind of comes with travelling, don't get me wrong, I love a good old train journey, but I do think driving would make life a lot easier- so if I at least started my lessons again it would be progression. 
  • Start saving, This year Christmas has kicked my arse financially- last year in 2015 I relied on a lot of over time so Christmas was easy, this year not so much, so I need to put between £10-£20 aside each month in my savings- which I actually did at the start of the year- but then that kind of went on lots of trips to London and spending money.. oops. 
  •  Read more- I LOVE reading, I always have done, I've lost count of how many books I have read, but at the moment I have a pile of books I need to read and I keep adding to it. I like to get fully immersed into a book, but lately when I get home I just like to put netflix on and "watch" some shows on there, sometimes it's just background noise so I can relax, so I'm going to make it my aim to read more actual books- don't get me wrong I have read, but I don't think AO3 counts does it?
  • Try more DIY projects, we all see pins on Pinterest that we like the look of but we never actually do them, so I am aiming to try maybe one DIY project a month. 
  • Attend more Blogger/Vlogger events, so far this year I have attended 3 Blogger events and they have all been amazing, but I would love to get more involved in the blogger community and attend more events. 
  • Now this isn't really a goal- I'm not out there looking for "Mister right", but it would be nice if he did come along at some point, I do need to get back in the dating game.
  • New job...  Pretty certain I mentioned this last year, but I do think that in the new year I need to look for another job- not that I don't like mine, in fact I do somewhat like mine at times, but I need something that is better for me financially. 
Looking at this list, I'm pretty certain it is the same as the one for this year, but I really want to stick to it next year.

So let's just see what happens next year and if I can stick to any of this list for once.