Fitness: Getting back into shape

I'm going to start off being brutally honest here, I despise the way my body looks, I'm not saying that for attention or "oh no you look fine" it is the actual truth.

My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, I used to find it very easy to stop eating and crash diet (which I 100% do NOT recommend anyone do at all ever, I cannot stress enough how bad it is for you)
A couple of years ago I had an amazing figure- although at the time I thought I needed to lose more weight- It was only today as I was sorting through old clothes that I realised what size I actually was... I had clothes in size 8s- some even 6s, yet my top half was always larger as I do have big boobs.
My aim is to fit back into some of those clothes, but I am doing it the healthy way.
I am currently on my 2nd bootcamp (2-3 sessions a week) and the bootcamp instructor kicks our asses in the best way.
I am also trying out Herbalife as well- so I have 1 shake for breakfast, 1 for lunch and then a main meal on an evening, or I may have a main meal at lunch and then a shake on an evening. I am drinking a lot more water in order to stay hydrated (and trust me I need it after the bootcamp sessions) I am eating more fruit and snacking on veg when I feel a bit peckish.
I can't see it happening over night, but even comparing my before and after pictures from the first bootcamp I did you can already see a difference (or people tell me they do)
I'm just looking forward to seeing what my body is capable of.

Maybe these weren't the best pictures to use but I was wearing the dress so I thought I would try a comparison between when I first wore it in March to today. 
The Mirror selfies are the images from today, and while I'm not sure if the casual observer will be able to see a difference in them I know I felt a difference. 

I would like to say that I am in no way shaming people who are above a certain size- honestly I have seen so many other women who slay and I bloody love them, but I honestly was not happy the way I was, hell I look down at my thighs right now and I hate how they look, but now I'm taking those steps to change those things I don't like. 

I know that on my weigh in after my first bootcamp I had lost a total of 6 inches all over which I was pretty impressed with, I'm dreading the weigh in for the end of this month as I'm currently in and out of hotels- Still trying to keep up with the Herbalife lifestyle I have had going on, but I'm hoping that the hotel meals (although I have been going for the healthier options... I may do a post on this at some point) don't cause me to gain anything I had previously lost. 

If anyone has tried Herbalife what did you think of it? do you think it worked?