Models Own Now Brow Kit!

I have previously done a blog post on my thoughts about the Freedom Brow Pomade but recently I have been trying out a new product.

As you can see I have a serious lack of brows going on up there. 
The second image is before I had cleaned up the edges- I know its looking VERY thick and not exactly "on fleek" (this was partially due to needing to neaten out my brows and my brush has ended up a little splayed some how) 

The kit I have been trying out is the Models Own Now Brow, brow "tinting" kit in blonde. 
Now as much as I adore the Freedom brow pomade (I have gone through SO many pots of that stuff it's insane) it isn't exactly blonde, I mean if you like having intense brows then it is fantastic, and I do normally use it every day but I like to mix it with the aqua seal (which appears to have disappeared from stores)
This is such a nice subtle blonde, which I do believe you would be able to build up to something more intense, the kit itself retails at £9.99 but I got it as part of the 5 for £20 offer (if you manage to get to a Models Own store whilst that offer is on then take advantage of it, you end up saving SO much money it's unreal)

The kit comes in a tiny little pouch with a mixing tray the brow tint and an angled liner brush to use for your brows. 

Going from a pomade to something slightly more liquid in consistency was interesting at first but it really isn't hard to get to grips with. 

I can confirm that it is long wearing, I usually apply my makeup around 6am, after work on Wednesdays and Fridays I attend Boot Camp and HIIT sessions and my brows have stayed in place the whole time- even when the rest of my makeup has melted off my face. 

Would I buy this more often? yes but most likely during a promotional offer like the 5 for £20 offer. 

The only downside to it is, sometimes I squeeze a little too much out so I am going to start putting the excess into another pot so nothing is wasted. 

For £9.99 it really isn't too bad as a little goes a long way.