Breeze Candles Review

I am quite a candle lover but since I prefer wintery scents I don't really burn candles throughout the rest of the year.
Just recently I picked up a few new candles- some miniature Yankee Candles and I two "Breeze Candles" that lone one off to the side was an old "cookies & cream" scented candle.

After finishing the "Cookies & cream" candle I decided I would try out one of the "Breeze Candles" I actually found this in the pound shop, so a pack of 2 for £1 well I wasn't really going to say no to that, especially when the scent is Apple & Cinnamon. 

I have to admit the candle doesn't burn particularly well- it doesn't burn out right to the sides and the flame does die down quite a lot. 
The scent isn't very strong but this could be because I do still have a cold so I might not be picking up on it. 

All in all they haven't been brilliant candles, the jars they come in are nice to clean out and keep as trinket jars or if I wanted to make my own candles at some point. 
I don't regret buying them but I do wish they had performed better, I do still have the second one so I am going to try that when I have used this one up. 
Also for £1 I can't really complain too much. If I had paid more than that then I would be more annoyed over it. 
Would I repurchase? probably not these particular ones, but if I could find a better brand that has this same scent then I would be all over it.