Model CO Fibre LashXtend Mascara

Quite a few months back I received a ModelCO mascara with an issue of Glamour but because I already had one mascara on the go I really didn't want to open another so I just put it in my "stock drawer" for when the time came.

It turns out that today was that day, I know I had been using my previous mascara for quite some time but I couldn't remember how long exactly- after reading through my other blog I eventually found out, it turns out that I had been using that mascara for 8 months!
To be honest it does seem to have quite a fair bit of product left but after finding out I had already gone over by 2 months I figured it would be best to stop.

The ModelCO Fibre LashXtend Mascara retails at £16 and can be purchased HERE

Below are are few pictures of the tube and wand.

As you can see the wand is fairly large so if you have very small lashes it might be hard to work with, I found that it does dry very quickly which is both a blessing and a curse because if you want to add layers then you need to do it quickly. 

My favourite thing about the tube is the fact that it has a mirror on the side- perfect for applying on the go (if you are brave enough to do your mascara on the move) 

I will be giving this a proper test run before I write a review on it, but I have to say I am pretty impressed after just one day.