Lush Sale Haul

I will admit I haven't been into Lush for quite some time, but around the festive season I do like to pick up a Cinders bath ballistic if possible- those things seem to sell out quite fast from what I remember.
Due to starting a new job not long before Christmas I didn't have the funds to be going into Lush to treat myself and buy Christmas presents.
For once I am glad I waited, I nipped in this afternoon after work to find out that a few festive items were on sale at 50% off, naturally I just HAD to get something.
In the end I got 3 new Cinders Bath Ballistics as my sister had got me one for Christmas
These normally retail at £2.45 each.

Second I picked up the Snowman Bath Ballistic
I haven't actually tried this before but for £1.25 (It normally retails at £2.50) I thought it was worth trying

Third I went for the infamous Melting Snowman Bath Melt.
I have seen SO many people talk about this so I just had to give it a shot before they were all sold out (these normally retail at £2.25) Unfortunately he is missing his nose but from what I could see they all were :(

The final bath product I picked up was the Bombardino Bath Ballistic (this also retails at £2.50) truthfully I picked this up simply because I thought he looked quite cute so he may have worked his way into my basket, but hey for £1.25 can I really complain?

Finally at the till I did add on a sample of the Lush "charity pot" lotion.
This only cost £1 and the size is ideal to pop into your handbag for when you are on the go/

All in all the total of all my items should have come to around £16.00 give or take, but with the 50% off on most of the items and the addition of tax it all came to £8.29. 

If you are a fan of the more seasonal/festive items I would get into the nearest Lush store to see what they have to offer because you can make some brilliant savings at the moment. 
I would have liked to pick up a bottle of "Snow fairy" but that had completely sold out, which isn't surprising to anyone really. 

I can't wait to be able to use these goodies :)