Product Review: Indeed Labs Set of 3 Sampler Kit

I'm sure that if you read beauty blogs or watch beauty videos on Youtube you will have heard of "Hydraluron" both Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter have mentioned it a few times.
 When I first saw Hydraluron I did find it to be on the expensive side (£24.99) and my budget would in no way stretch to that no matter how much I wanted to try it, so it was always in the back of my mind as one of those products I would try when I got the chance whenever that may be.

 Fast forward a few months, or maybe rewind to the end of last month, I was walking through Boots and I noticed there was a little sample kit of 3 Indeed products and Hydraluron was one of them.
This sample kit does retail at £12.99 so I was a little unsure about buying it because naturally I thought "but £13 is a lot of money if you don't like it"- although when you do the maths it's only around £4.33 per sample tube so that's not too bad, so I went home to think about it and reached the decision of "look you want to try it then do it" unfortunately the next time I went into town to get it they had run out, because unknown to me at the time they were down to £8.66 which would make each sample tube around £2.88.
For some reason being less than £10 was a way to justify buying it in my head because I asked one of the assistants if when they would be getting more in stock- that night apparently.

I think by now we can assume I finally got hold of it.
the set contains 5ml samples of: 
Snoxin- £29.99 30ml
Nanoblur- £19.99 30ml
Hydraluron- £24.99 30ml

When I first started using this product I was using the wrong face cleanser (see previous post) so I couldn't really see any difference. 

My morning routine consists of :
  • cleansing my face
  • applying a small amount of snoxin and smoothing that all over my face until it sinks into my skin
  • applying a small amount of Hydraluron to my face same as above
  • applying a small amount of my moisturiser of choice- currently the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich moisturiser, all over my face until it sinks in
  • applying a small amount of Nanoblur to my nose, cheeks and chin area.
  • then continuing to do my make up 
I have to say my favourite item from this set is the Hydraluron, would I pay £24.99 for it? Maybe if I knew I had it spare, at the moment it is down to £16.66 which I agree with slightly more than £24.99, I have found I am using a lot less moisturiser since I started using this and my skin has been feeling amazing 

Snoxin I find to be a nice product and since changing my face cleanser I have noticed these products working, would I pay £29.99 for the full size? I don't know because I know I can't justify that no matter how much I like it, I just don't have the funds to do so, maybe when I am earning more or every now and then to treat myself. 

If I think about how long the 5ml tubes have lasted me- around 20 days only used on a morning, I can maybe justify it as I won't have to repurchase every month it would be every few, I would just have to buy them separately- buy one, one month and the other the next or something then I would always have a back up for when I run out. 

The only product I'm not keen on is Nanoblur, don't get me wrong it is brilliant at blurring out imperfections and pores, but I find it to be a very tacky consistency, my face is left with a sticky feeling to it and it takes a while to my foundation properly. If it had a smoother consistency I would love this but as it stands right now I think this is the only one I wouldn't repurchase as there are other similar items on the high street already. 

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