Review: Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

As someone who does colour their hair a lot my hair certainly does suffer, Last year my hair was so destroyed I had to get it cut extremely short (I went for a mix between Frankie Sandford and Louis Tomlinson, luckily it worked for me)
When my hair started to grow I originally said I didn't want to colour my hair too much as I didn't want to end up ruining it again but I got to the point where I was getting bored.
There are a lot of deep treatments out there but I had never found one that actually worked for me, sure my hair would feel nice when the mask was on but as soon as my hair was dry it felt almost no different to how it would normally.

Recently a new hair colourant and hair care range called BLEACH LONDON was released at Boots, so naturally I had to try them out, I have used the Total Bleach kit twice now and I have to say it is one of the best bleaching kits I have ever used, inside the box you have two sachets of powder, the mixing formula, tinting brush, mixing tray, gloves and a 50ml tube of their Reincarnation mask (the full size tube of this is £6.00 for 200ml)

I honestly think this is one of the best hair masks I have ever used, I use it once or twice a week leaving it on for around 10 minutes and the 50ml tube actually lasts a fair few uses depending how much you use.
My hair always looks and feels so soft when I have used this, I will admit my hair isn't as damaged as it was last year- that was the result of changing my hair colour almost every month, black-blonde-red-blonde-black-red, do I think it would work as well on that kind of hair? hmmm maybe, I might need to use more product and leave it on for longer but I don't really want to put my hair through that torture again.

I will be repurchasing the full size tube when I am running low on the sample one because I do think it is well worth the money.