Beauty Haul time again

I may have done a little bit of shopping today, I can say that two items can be justified (kind of) but before I get onto that here is what I bought (Minus one item that was at the bottom of my bag when I took this picture #FAIL)
MUA 1D Up All Night Eyeshadow Palette: £4.00 Superdrug
Bleach London Washing out Liquid: £5.00 Boots
BarryM 3in1 clear nail varnish: £2.99 Superdrug
Rimmel Apocalips "Eclipse": £4.99 Boots (on offer)

OK so onto the justifiable items, first off we will start with this 
I do colour my hair a lot and nothing is worse than temporary hair dye that takes forever to fade, so I figured I would give this a shot, I do love the Bleach London range in general so I can just add this to my little collection :). 
And second we have, 
I have used a few different top coats and to be honest this has honestly been the best I have come across on the high street, I have been using a different one recently as I had run out of the BarryM one but it wasn't really working very well at all. 

Now onto the items that I can't really justify buying but I just wanted them, first we have, 
I have used one of the Apocalips lip lacquers in the past and I do like them, so when I saw this colour (which by the way is coming across a lot more red in this picture, in the tube it looks like a very deep pinkish purple) I just had to add it to my basket and hey it was down to £4.99- yes unfortunately I am THAT person. 
I can't wait to try this out with a toned down eye. 

Second we have this (this is the item missing from the top picture)
I have been wanting to try more of these Matte lipsticks from MUA for a while but my local superdrug stores are always severely understocked when it comes to the MUA stand (seriously they have a huge display in one store and almost no stock on it!) I managed to come across this one today in "Peachy Keen" so I decided to pick it up while it was there, and for £1.00 I can't complain too much even if they didn't have the colour I was really looking for (Wild Berry if you wondered) 

And finally, I have been waiting for this for a while now as they have had the POS on the display since last year. 
I am going to be 100% honest here I am a little bit disappointed in the colour selection for this palette, don't get me wrong I like the colours I really do, but it says there are 10 exclusive eye shadows, now to me that sounds like they are all brand new colours exclusive for this palette, but at first glance there are at least 4 of them that look VERY similar to eye shadows in other palettes, they might be different when applied but I don't agree with the "exclusive" claim.
I am looking forward to using it as there are some very lovely colours in there. 
I can imagine the packaging being a love it or hate it thing but it sets it apart from the others a little bit and One Direction fans will probably love it. 

What items have you bought lately?

Thank you for reading.