Do you ever look down at your nails and think "damn I need to do something with you" but then have a hard time deciding what colour to use?

Well that is me literally every time I do my nails, black used to be my staple nail colour but I can't wear that at work :( (small price to pay so I can't complain at all really)

Last night I sat for at least 10 minutes trying to decide what colour I wanted to go for, in the end I opted for "Rimmel 60 Seconds" in "270 Shocker" a very bright blue toned pink.

As you can see it does live up to its name.

I have only applied one coat of this so far and the pigmentation and coverage is insane, it has started to feather a little bit towards the tips of one or two my nails so I could do with a second coat but it is a fast drying nail varnish so I might end up doing that on the way to work, more than likely I will just use a top coat to seal it all in and prevent any more. 

Thank you for reading 



  1. I cant believe that's only one coat, the colour pay off is crazy!

    1. I know right? After work it has faded a little bit at the tips on some nails but it's not unbearable.
      I am tempted to try some of the other colours in this range now :)


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